How To Develop And Maintain The Perfect Beach Body

Is your ideal beach body incessantly out of reach because of excessive belly fat or other troublesome areas? Despite what you may or may not believe about your ability to lose weight, the fact is that you CAN have a slim and toned physique if you focus your attention in all the right areas.

As far as diet and weight loss is concerned, ‘all the right areas’ includes nutrition, concentration on pH levels in the body, exercise, and – perhaps most importantly – setting realistic goals and consistently attaining them.

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Starting With Moderate Exercise And Setting Goals Is Vital

Starting With Moderate Exercise And Setting Goals Is Vital

Aside from (but generally the result of) the severe misinformation on diet and exercise that’s running rampant in the US, one of the primary reasons for hundreds of thousands of failed diets every year is lack of dedication.

Just because lack of dedication to the goal of weight loss may have been what led to your failure, it may not be an indication that it’s one of your defects of character; it’s more likely that it’s a case of learned perceptions that inhibit weight loss goals more than people generally imagine.

Lack of dedication is attributable to an individual’s short term and long term mindset, core beliefs about one’s self, and continued validation of those beliefs. Unfortunately for most Americans who have spent the majority of their lives overweight or have tried numerous times unsuccessfully to get that beach body, these beliefs are generally very negative and it doesn’t take long before a presumed cycle of failure takes hold and those uncomfortable feelings are – once again – reinforced.

Setting a series of realistic goals on a daily basis provides the foundation for this cycle to finally come to an end if those goals are being met consistently. The human brain ‘forms a habit’ in 7 days, so if you’re able to set and reach basic goals to establish a base routine on which to build in the coming weeks you will already have experienced more success than with any weight loss plan in the past.

It’s important to remember that basic and attainable goals are the only goals with which you need to concern yourself in the beginning. For example, you may want to ultimately be exercising at least 1 hour a day 5 days a week, eating a complete diet with information you learn here or from other trustworthy sources, and drinking only water throughout the day.

If you’ve not been exercising, your eating habits include saturated fats or other unhealthful foods, and soda or other artificial drinks are currently among your primarily consumed beverages; engineering a complete reversal in a week and making that long list of changes is a tall order and – quite honestly – an extremely unrealistic expectation of anybody.

Some more realistic goals to develop good habits for a highly effective weight loss strategy through which you will acquire your ideal beach body may be any combination of the following goals or something similar to:

  • Drink no more than a given number of artificial beverages in a day and replace the difference with glasses or bottles of water
  • Take a 15-20 minute walk every day at lunch (or another time of day that’s consistently attainable in your schedule)
  • Enroll in a beginner yoga class, buy a DVD, or look for a beginner’s yoga routine in the ‘you demand’ section of your cable/satellite provider’s channel menu and commit to 20-30 minutes every other day
  • Find healthful snacking alternatives to chips, fast food, sweets, etc, and limit your intake of your old snack foods to once a day or every other day until they’re gone (at which time you will have been successful meeting your goals and will be ready to commit to more small changes to your diet that will be very advantageous to your health)
  • Identify a few staples in your kitchen with which you generally prepare food and for which less health compromising alternatives are available, such as: Olive Oil Mayo as opposed to regular mayonnaise, less fattening cooking oil, and things like that
  • Change certain menu items and/or the way menu items are prepared. For example, if you fry chicken, try baking it
  • Change small habits that encourage an increased level of physical fitness. This includes habits such as: Choosing to park at the rear of the parking lot rather than circling the front looking for the closest spot to the building, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking on escalators rather than merely riding them, or choosing to forego any other modern convenience for the sake of more physical activity

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Nutrition And pH

Nutrition And pH

You hear all types of recommendations from different diets including no carbohydrates, more carbohydrates, no fat, no sodium, less calories, smaller portions, etc. The reality is that – while you should avoid saturated fats – other types of fats and moderate amounts of many other “no-no’s” like fuel efficient carbohydrates are required by the body for optimum performance.

Also, you need at least a minimum number of calories in order to have the energy you’ll require to increase exercise efforts over time and get closer to your ultimate goal.

The most important thing in your diet for the goal of decreasing belly fat and losing weight is not any of the aforementioned items; it’s an increased level of Alkaline in your body as opposed to acid. Acidity negatively impacts your digestive system, your level of energy, your ability to focus, and a wide range of other physical and emotional attributes that – when in peak condition – are unbelievably conducive to rapid weight loss goals.

Figs, olive oil, almonds, herbal teas, and fermented vegetables are all high in alkaline. Many fruits are high in acid, so you may want to consider limiting your fruit intake to only those with the highest alkaline content like grapefruit, lemons, limes, mangos, papayas, and watermelon.

Some additional fruit options with slightly less alkalizing value include apples, blueberries, grapes, and melons. There are many more delicious foods in all groups which are ideal for a high alkaline diet, and you should be able to find a chart online to help you shop for foods you’ll actually eat that will help you reach your beach body goal.

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