6 Best Body Weight Workout That Work Like Magic

A perfectly ripped, well-shaped body with lean muscles slightly popping out of the shirt is what every guy dreams of and are you any different? Otherwise, you won’t be here, on this page. Here you’ll go through tried and tested best body weight workout whose efficacy will show up in time.

One of the best things about most effective bodyweight workouts is that they don’t always demand some heavy equipment. If you don’t want to pay heavy gym fee and still get that perfectly shaped body, let me assure you that it’s quite possible. The options are plenty, and you can choose from the workouts that use heavy gym equipment to light equipment available at your home.

There are other workouts which you can perform with your body alone and are yet equally effective. Chicago Tribune reports that increasingly more people are preferring to workout at home rather than going to a gym.

So, it’s not the equipment or the place that plays a central role; rather it’s your commitment and consistency which will take you where you want to be.

How Do Bodyweight Workouts Actually Work?

The best body weight workout for you would be the one that helps attain a fat-free, well-shaped body. No wonder, body weight workouts top this year’s list as the most preferred type of workout among Americans as reported by Huffington Post.

Body weight workouts help you attain your fitness goals through following ways:

  • These workouts aim at involving most (if not all) of your body muscles at a time so that you train your body on a whole
  • The target of any bodyweight workout is to help your body release the maximum amount of testosterone hormone. It’s because testosterone helps build lean muscles
  • Usually, bodyweight exercises comprise of several reps or circuits. It’s because there’s no denying the fact that the more you train your muscles, the better the results you get. In short, consistency is the key
  • Body weight workouts work by burning fat first and then replacing it with lean muscles

Workouts are not only a need for staying fit rather they have become a lifesaver in today’s inactive lifestyle. NCHPAD reports that America alone has witnessed 40% decrease in deaths due to cancer in those people who are physically active to some extent.

6 Best Bodyweight Workouts

I am giving here a list of 6 workouts which deliver results. By performing these repetitively and sticking to them, you can get well-shaped body in no time:

Pull Up

Pull Up

The chances are that you are already familiar with this very common type of body weight exercise. It is simple, yet very effective. If you are at a gym, you can use a pull-up bar for this exercise. Otherwise, you can perform it anywhere with any rod or even the branch of a tree at a certain height. Let’s see what is the perfect way of doing this simple workout:

  1. Firstly, hold the bar with both hands and make sure you have a firm grip on it
  2. Secondly, pull up your body to raise your chin above the level of hands
  3. Now, come down again and repeat the process

Start with ten reps and keep reducing by 1 in every set until you do only one rep on the last set.

Jump Squat

Jump Squat

This one is my personal favorite. What makes it the best body weight workout in my list is that you can perform it without any equipment at all. All you need is your body alone. Trust me, and you can perform it anywhere. And what makes it a great body weight workout is the fact they are intense, though short. It does not take much of your time and is yet effective because of its intensity.

Buzzfeed reports that intense exercises lasting for short periods can sometimes be even more efficient than those performed for hours with comparatively lower power.

Here’s how you perform jump squats for maximum benefits:

  1. Start by standing comfortably with both your feet apart by a distance between your shoulders
  2. Now squat a bit, but do not sit completely
  3. Next, when you are squatting just halfway through, jump with all your force in an attempt to reach as high as possible
  4. After that, land back softly on the floor in squatting position and jump again

Make sure that you do not pause between every jump squat as you complete a set of ten and start the next set. Jump squats have an advantage as they train the maximum number of your muscles, and the involvement of maximum muscles means high testosterone.



Deadlift is another very useful exercise when it comes to training maximum muscles and improving strength. It is known to be the king of all exercises. It involves both the lower and the upper body. Deadlift uses a weight which you can vary with time and increase gradually. Here’s how you perform it:

  1. Firstly, hold the weight bar placed on the floor with bare hands (don’t use gloves or the grip wouldn’t be good) and slightly bent knees. Some prefer holding it with one hand over the bar and second hand under the bar. However, you can also hold it with both hands over the bar
  2. Next, it is important to make sure your body posture is perfect before you make an attempt to lift up the bar. Do not lift it with your face down. Rather your face, chest, neck and whole body should be facing forward as you attempt to pull up the bar. Moreover, while you pull it up, use your back muscles instead of putting more force on the legs and knees
  3. Now stand straight for a while. When standing, you should extend your hips and should pull out your shoulders
  4. After that, you have to put the weight down on the floor once again. However, make sure that you put it down nicely and softly and not with a sudden jerk or you can injure your back
  5. Now, lift the bar again with as little pause as possible and repeat the process

You can perform this workout in sets of 10 reps and then gradually increase the number of reps per set as endurance builds. Deadlift is a great exercise for building endurance, muscles, and strength. However, you need to take a lot of care because if you don’t perform it correctly, it can cause injury.

Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl

Here comes another tested body weight workout. Bear crawl is yet another very common and effective exercise which is especially useful when it comes to training entire body. Moreover, it is known for developing strength. And the best part of it is that it is fun. Don’t bother if you look funny while doing it as it’s very effective. Read the directions below to do it right:

  1. First of all, get comfortable on your all four i.e. your hand palms and knees. In doing so, your hands should be shoulders length apart, and your knees should be under the hip
  2. After you’ve got yourself into the crawling position, lift up your knees to raise the hip
  3. Now crawl forward in this position 20 yards at least
  4. Next, repeat the same process while crawling backward this time for the same distance
  5. Similarly, perform the bear crawl sideways as well

Not only is the bear crawl an easy exercise but effective at the same time. And best of all, it is fun! Isn’t it? Moreover, it is yet another workout which does not require any equipment, and it’s easy to perform anywhere. best



Burpee is a simple exercise which does not require any equipment, and it’s easy to do it anywhere. Read the directions below to do it the right way and reap maximum benefits out of it:

  1. First of all, get yourself into a low squat position. You should be touching the floor with your hands
  2. Now push your both feet back in a way that you get into a push-up position. You need to push your feet back with a leap and with full force to jump as high as you can
  3. Once you’ve moved into a push-up position, do one pushup
  4. Next, bring the feet back into the original squatting position. This step must be performed with a jerk, applying full force and leaping high

Perform these steps repeatedly and speedily. Try not to pause between each burpee and keep up the momentum as much as you can. Burpee, just like bear crawl is an easy, simple workout with numerous benefits and all it needs is your body alone.

Wall Sit

Wall Sit

Wall sits are specifically beneficial if you’re looking for an exercise that targets the legs and back and builds endurance. Moreover, all they need is a wall and you! Wall sits are very simple and efficient. Here’s the proper way of doing a wall sit:

  1. Keeping your back straight and against the wall, try to gradually bring it down to the wall until you are in a sitting position
  2. Make sure, that your back remains straight, your thighs are parallel to ground, and your knees and ankles are in line. Moreover, the workout will be beneficial only if you keep sitting in this position for at least a minute or even longer than that
  3. Next, get up with the back against the wall again and get back into the sitting position again

Experts are recommending wall sits since years and consider them to be an effective way of developing endurance. Moreover, if you’re looking for strong legs which can run and leap faster, wall sits are a perfect way to get there.


With an increasingly inactive lifestyle, at least to some degree, daily workouts are becoming necessary for all of us. Whether you are a fitness freak or simply concerned about looking presentable and staying healthy, you cannot get there until you are exerting physically to some extent.

Moreover, losing weight or staying fit is not the only benefit of the daily workout. Lifehacker enumerates few more reasons why you should incorporate some physical activity into your everyday life. One of the significant benefits it enlists is that exercise reduces the level of stress and helps you stay confident. The good thing about exercises is that not all of them require heavy equipment, neither all of them are heavy on your wallet.

As I have listed above, there are some workouts which are easy to perform with little or no equipment and yet the benefits are guaranteed. All it needs is a bit of motivation and consistency. And that comes after you realize how daily workouts can help your body shape up.

I hope this article is helpful in providing you with practical solutions when it comes to best body weight exercises. If so, recommend it to others and leave your comments to let me know how you wish to work it out.

Jake Tyler
Hi all, I’m Jake Tyler, over the past decade I’ve been working strong on my personal fitness levels. From the age of 16, I have been a kickboxer, and I’ve built up an incredible passion for fitness & self-improvement. This experience has led me to a career in personal training and health & fitness.

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