Proven Formula For Weight Loss: The Guaranteed Way To Lose Weight Easily

Trying to find the right weight loss solution can be challenging for many people. After all, there are so many weight loss programs, diets, supplements and pills available it becomes difficult to choose the one that will offer real results.

Many diets are so extreme they’re almost impossible to stick to for any period of time. Some weight loss programs are designed to make the promoters rich, rather than helping you reduce your waist line. There are also some brands of diet supplements out there designed to make your wallet thinner instead of you.

What you may not realize is that there’s a scientifically proven formula available that can guarantee you’ll lose weight and keep it off over the long term. If you’re serious about losing weight without starving yourself or paying a fortune for miracle products, but still get to eat all the foods you enjoy, all you need to do is stick to the formula.

The formula for guaranteed weight loss is as follows:

Calories consumed < energy burned = weight loss

Understanding The Weight Loss Formula

Understanding The Weight Loss Formula

On the surface the formula for weight loss looks so simple. It simply says that as long the calories you eat in a day are less than the amount of energy you use in a day, you will lose weight. If you get plenty of physical activity through your normal week, you should be able to eat almost anything you want and still lose weight, so long as the number of calories is still lower than the amount of energy you burn.

Of course, the formula also works in reverse. If you eat more calories in a day than the amount of energy you’re able to burn, you will gain weight. It’s really that simple.

The reason most people fail with their weight loss efforts is due to miscalculating the items within the formula. Far too many people underestimate the real number of calories they consume in a day. By the time you add up all the calories you get from food, plus add in the amount you get from coffee, soda and various snacks, the total figure can come as a surprise.

There’s also the factor of accurately determining how much energy your body really burns throughout the day. Simple mechanical functions, such as breathing, sitting, walking and thinking use a certain amount of energy. Physical activity uses more energy. So the amount of energy you burn will depend heavily on how active you are through your day.

Easy Ways To Stick To The Formula

Easy Ways To Stick To The Formula

The easiest way to stick to a weight loss formula is to be fully accountable for your choices. There are plenty of free apps you can download to your computer or your phone that can help you.

Be honest about what you eat and drink throughout the day and keep a food diary to help you keep track. Add up the number of calories you’re taking in and consider where you might make small changes to help you stick with the formula.

Many weight loss apps will also give you the option of entering in the amount of physical activity you get through the day. Simple chores like sweeping floors or doing the dishes or pushing a cart around the grocery store do burn energy, so they all count towards your daily activity totals.

By being accountable for your choices, you get to see exactly how you’re progressing. You’ll see how the food you eat could impact your ability to lose weight. You should also be able to see whether you need to find ways to get a little more activity into your day in order to stay on the right side of the formula.

  • Stay away from caffeine for an hour or so before your scheduled bedtime.
  • Avoid heavy and spicy meals before bed, as well as sugary snacks.
  • Stay away from the TV, computer, cell phone and computer games for at least two hours before retiring ( the activity, noise and blue light emitted from these devices can all inhibit melatonin production in the brain and keep you awake).
  • Eliminate distractions (light, noise, etc).
  • Develop a bedtime routine like brushing your teeth, getting into comfy PJ’s, reading, mediating, etc).


So if you’re serious about losing weight, stick to the proven formula that works every time. When you get the balance right, you’ll soon learn that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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