Overweight Men Could Get A Testosterone Boost From Exercise

Testosterone levels take a plunge as men grow old. But you don’t have to sit back and take this grim reality without question. Science has shown that there is something you can do to improve your testosterone levels, especially if you are obese or overweight.

Low testosterone levels have been linked to some health issues in men. They include weight gain, reduced bone density, a lower sex drive, and depression.

However, with the findings from this study, aging men also struggling with excess weight can witness a considerable decline in these testosterone-related health problems by working out for 12 weeks.

The reason – the exercise results in improved testosterone levels.

Testosterone In Overweight Men Rises With Exercise

Testosterone In Overweight Men Rises With Exercise

The study was done using a group of 44 men. Of these, 28 were either overweight or obese, while 16 had normal weight.

Before the study, none of these men worked out on a regular basis. However, after the commencement of the study, the men had to engage in about 40 to 60 minutes of walking or jogging at least once a week for 12 weeks.

For the men with normal weight, there was no change in testosterone levels. But for the men who had excess weight, the results were noteworthy. Testosterone levels in the blood rose from 15.4 nanomoles per liter to 18.1 nanomoles per liter.

There was also a relationship between the intensity of the exercises and the increase in testosterone levels, with the men who exercised more vigorously experiencing the greatest increase in testosterone levels.

Testosterone In Overweight Men Rises When They Lose Weight

Testosterone In Overweight Men Rises When They Lose Weight

But still, even though the overweight men experienced an increase in testosterone levels, their testosterone levels were still lower than those of normal-weight men.

For this reason, the researchers pointed out that even though exercise, not weight loss, was responsible for the increased testosterone levels, the little weight loss these men experienced could have contributed to the increase in testosterone levels.

In the end, the researchers were still able to confirm that exercise improved testosterone levels even when the contribution of weight loss to this hormonal change was taken off the equation.

But the nature of the exercise is also important—only vigorous physical activity was proven to have a positive impact on testosterone levels in obese and overweight men.

So, if you are overweight and exercise does not seem to be getting you where you would like to be as far as your weight loss goals are concerned, you should consider maintaining your exercise regimen.

This will help elevate your testosterone levels and avoid the adverse effects of low testosterone such as depression, low sex drive, reduced bone density and a litany of other health problems.

What Types Of Exercise Boosts Your Testosterone

What Types Of Exercise Boosts Your Testosterone

Research suggests that while all types of exercise will have a positive effect on testosterone levels, weight lifting and high-intensity work may stimulate the production and release of more testosterone.

On the other hand, low intensity, anaerobic exercise, like jogging, which lasts for hours, may hurt our testosterone levels.

Here are three tips to help you boost your testosterone:

  • Lift Heavy

For each of your main exercises, determine the weight which you can lift only once. We call this, the one repetition maximum weight, or 1RM. Then, make sure you lift at 85% of your RM. At this weight, your repetitions will be 8-10.

  • Rest a lot between Sets

Research has found that testosterone increases more when you rest for 2 minutes between sets than when you rest only 1 minute. (source)

  • Exercise Big Muscle Groups

Your legs, back, and chest is where the biggest muscles of your body reside. When you exercise these muscles, the testosterone production is higher than when you use smaller muscles, like your abs, biceps, calves, and delts.

Ways To Boost Testosterone Besides Exercise

Ways To Boost Testosterone Besides Exercise

After the age of 30, testosterone in men starts declining. While exercise is effective at increasing testosterone levels in men, it’s not the only way to boost your testosterone. Here are five foods that have a positive impact on this important male hormone:

  • Nuts

They contain zinc which increased testosterone and sexual drive

  • Spinach

It contains vitamins C and E which promote testosterone. Leafy greens like spinach lower estrogen levels in men which are a good thing. In men, the combination of low testosterone and high estrogen levels is the cause of many chronic diseases

  • Citrus Fruits

They contain vitamin A which is necessary for testosterone production

  • Shrimps

They have a lot of vitamin D which relates to testosterone production. Research at Harvard University has shown that vitamin D increases testosterone production

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Men who do not take enough zinc have low levels of testosterone. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc. Add them to your daily snacks to ensure you get enough zinc

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