How To Actually Measure Calories In Vodka

Sticking to your diet sometimes can be boring and monotonous. However, you are allowed the opportunity to cheat, and what a better way to cheat healthy than with vodka? The calories in Vodka are relatively low. This is why for those “cheating” consciously, it’s a liquor of choice, more so those on the Paleo diet. However, you will need to be cautious of the sugars if you are not planning on drinking it moderately and responsibly.

Estimating The Calories In A Vodka Shot

Estimating The Calories In A Vodka Shot

In comparison to wine and beer it has considerably low calories. It comes in varying concentrations usually denotes as “proof.” The more the concentration, the higher the proof.

What does it mean? “Proof” is the percentage of alcohol in a said spirit. To get the percentage, divide the proof by two. When you take it with a higher proof, the calories are directly proportional and are therefore high. For a 45 ml shot, the calories is as follows:

  • 85 calories for 70 proof vodkas
  • 96 calories for 80 proof
  • 110 calories for 90 proof
  • 124 calories for 100 proof

Understand that alcohol is not classified as a carbohydrate. The alcohol itself, is responsible for the calories in it. A gram of alcohol contains about seven calories. For reference, the same quantity of both carbs and protein contains roughly four calories.

On the other hand, a gram of fat contains roughly nine calories. When you consider these values in comparison – alcohol gets you fat at twice the rate as carbs and protein.

What Food Components Are In Vodka?

Only alcohol and calories are the major food components in most distilled spirits. Therefore they don’t have carbs. This drink is an optimal choice if you are tracking your carbs intake.

This is odd, I know, since it is made from the carb rich potatoes, which are extracted during processing. It has no nutrients, and no sugars, fats, cholesterol, carbs, proteins, and micronutrients. Just calories!

Does The Flavor Vodka Have More Calories?

Does The Flavor Vodka Have More Calories

Gone are the days of pure, neat bitter vodka, to draw consumers, as flavor one became popular. They provide a more palatable experience. Moreover, eliminate the need for toning down the bitterness by high-calorie mixers – sweet fizzy drinks like soda and fruit juices.

Nowadays, it contains the natural or artificial flavor of different fruit types. Moreover, there are also weirdly exotic infusions like, chocolate, cocoa, and even bacon! Yes, Bacon.

Be careful, however, you should not confuse the flavor one with those that have sugary syrups. Such addition of products add calories already to the existing drink.

Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

The drink itself has a burning bitter flavor that is unpleasant to a number of people. Therefore, many drinkers opt to mix it with sweet tasting drinks, usually carbonated to curb the taste.

However, the sugar content of this drink combination can be bad to your diet plan. Orange juice, for instance, contains over 100 calories in just one cup, and regular soda has close to 150 calories. This high number comes from the sugars present.

As you partake in your drink, switch from sugary liquids, and maintain your drink calorie and carb levels by mixing it with either of these alternatives:

  • Lemons
  • Soda water
  • Chilled tea
  • Mint leaves

How It Helps In Weight Loss

Alcohol is known to interferes with our normal fat metabolism. Our liver does this work and, when alcohol is present in your system, your liver gets into confusion. As a result, it chooses to break alcohol. Therefore, normal fatty acid metabolism stops, and your body makes use of alcohol as an energy source. This action is popular as “fat sparing,” for someone working towards weight loss.

One shot is not big of a deal since it’s under 100 Cal, but let us face it, who stops at one drink? I confess, I don’t stop at just one. Consuming three shots adds roughly 300 Cal, in addition to your daily calorie intake. This is just close to the infamous McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Moreover, alcohol interferes with absorption of nutrients, affects hormone production and regulation (the steroidal hormone cortisol and epinephrine). It increases craving for fatty and carb foods, just like coffee.

In Summary

Vodka is an alcoholic drink low in calories and lack carbohydrates, proteins, fat, or even sugar entirely. Apparently, there is no value in nutrition. It’s a drink of choice for those on a diet or if you are watching your calorie intake for the day. It has fewer calories and carbohydrates in comparison to beer, wine, and any other drinks that are not distilled spirits.

Mix it with fresh lemon juice, soda water or ice tea to maintain low levels of calories and carbs. Also, strive to drink it sensibly as calories add up faster than counting seconds. Never forget, your liver can only serve one master, it will complete breaking down alcohol before it can burn fat.

Know that alcohol in excess is harmful to your health. The NIAAA recommends no more than four shots per day and 14 shots overall per week for men. For women, the levels are significantly lower, no more than three shots per day and seven drinks total per week. More consumption of alcohol can cause damage to organs in your body, including brain, liver, and other vital organs. It is also a risk factor in the onset of carcinogenesis (cancer development).

Most importantly pregnant women should not drink alcohol. Feel free to share this content and also comment below.

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