7 Best Biceps Workout: How To Achieve Massive Arms

I’ve always wanted to wear trendy tank tops during hotter days. My only concern was flabby and lose arms. Just like other men, I preferred walking around with toned and popping biceps. It was the time when I decided to focus on my arms by doing these best biceps workout ever.

Let’s admit it; we love showing our arms off. The more veins exposed and the bigger the bulge, the more confident we are showing off our biceps. If you want to be an instant babe magnet with a simple flex of arms, this article might just be perfect for you. We proceed.

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The Standing Barbell Curl

The Standing Barbell Curl

The Standing Barbell Curl is considered as an all-inclusive routine for your biceps. We use our biceps in any lifting activity that we do every day. The difference that Standing Barbell Curl offers is that it allows the arm to work separately from your back and shoulders.

How It’s Done

  1. Stand up with your torso upright and your spine straight
  2. Hold the barbell with both hands away from each other with a width comparable to that of your shoulders
  3. Lock your upper arm while curling the barbell towards you until it almost reaches your shoulder
  4. Be sure to allow only your forearms to move, not your upper arms nor the rest of your body
  5. Keep that position for a few seconds and slowly bring it back to the starting point
  6. Workout recommended repetitions

Do Not Cheat

No matter how effective the Standing Barbell Curl is, a massive arm will never be yours if you cheat. Cheating in a Standing Barbell Curl commonly happens in lowering back to the starting position. Some people lower their arms quickly trying to avoid the strain of the weight.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Want faster and effective results? Watch this video:

Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl

Furthermore, on top of barbell curls, most fitness enthusiasts regard hammer curls as the best workout routine for biceps.

The “hammer” or the neutral position of the wrist is your strongest curl since all the flexors of your elbows actively involve. Depending on the number of repetitions and the weight of the dumbbells, Hammer Curls can show you significant results in the shortest time.

How It’s Done

  1. For the regular Hammer Curl, begin by standing up with your torso upright
  2. Select a dumbbell that you can handle and hold them naturally on your side with your palms facing each other
  3. Locking your torso in position, curl the weight towards you simultaneously contracting your biceps
  4. Continue curling until the weight is at shoulder level and your biceps are fully contracted
  5. Hold that position for a few seconds
  6. Slowly drop the weights back to the starting position
  7. Repeat until the recommended repetition

Don’t Be Repetitive

I’m sure you wouldn’t like eating the same kind of food every single meal.

Your biceps is nothing different. You will never get the results you are looking for if you keep repeating the same workout.

There are several variations of Hammer Curl like Seated Hammer Curls, Incline Preacher Hammer Curls, and Static Dumbbell Curl. They may differ in intensity and equipment used, but they are in unison in making your arms pop with pride.

If you want to know the do’s and don’ts in Hammer Curl, you may refer to this video showing the proper way of doing it:

Cable Rope Hammer Curl

Cable Rope Hammer Curl

Cable Rope Hammer Curl is a variation of all curling exercises for biceps.

As the name suggests, this workout uses cable or resistance bands instead of barbells which provide a more consistent and steady load to your brachialis – one of the major muscles in your biceps.

As published in Men’s Health, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld suggests that the consistent weight on the cable promotes faster muscle growth.

How It’s Done

  1. Use a cable attached to a low pulley connected to a set of weights within your capacity
  2. Grab the handle of the cable and stand approximately a foot away from the equipment
  3. Grasp the cable with palms facing in while placing your elbows on your sides. Ensure that they will be stationary for the rest of the workout
  4. Using your biceps, pull the cable moving only your forearms until your biceps touches your upper arm
  5. Hold this position for a second and further squeeze your biceps
  6. Slowly lower your arms and go back the starting position
  7. Do the required number of repetitions

Avoid Over-Training

Since having sculpted biceps is almost a requirement for men, some people tend to over-train. For beginners, Shape Fit recommends performing 2-3 sets of Cable Rope Hammer Curl with 8-12 repetitions. Overdoing this exercise does not translate to better results.

If you want to learn more how Cable Rope Hammer Curl works, watch this video and get the best results in short time:

Chin Up

Chin Up

Furthermore, if you want to multi-task by strengthening muscles other than your biceps in a single exercise, Chin Up might be the best workout for you.

Commonly mistaken with pull ups, Chin up is considered to be a must have for every fitness enthusiast’s routine.

Aside from the biceps, chin ups also strengthen your back and shoulders. A Workout Routine points out that the manner you grip the bar while doing the Chin Up is a major determinant of the type of muscle that gets trained and how effective your routine will be.

How It’s Done

  1. Adjust the pull-up bar depending on your height
  2. Extend your both arms gripping the bar with palms facing your torso
  3. Maintain a straight torso that will result in a small arch in your lower back
  4. Pull up your torso until your chin goes over the bar. In doing this, keep your elbows close to your body focusing all the work on your biceps
  5. After holding for a second, slowly lower your body by extending your arms
  6. Repeat and do required sets

Squeeze All You Can

Just like any other arm workout, squeezing your biceps during Chin up is very important. Let me be clear, “squeezing” doesn’t mean you will literally press your muscles like a tube of toothpaste.

Squeezing is defined as pausing temporarily at the top of every movement. During this time, the muscles are at its peak of the contraction and doing this will significantly intensify the exercise.

Watch the video on this link to make chin up exercises more effective:

Supinated Bent Rows

Supinated Bent Rows

Its name may sound weird, but this workout is responsible for building not just your biceps but also your core.

We now know that supinated or underhand grip workout enhances your hip extensions and aids in growing extra thick biceps.

By switching the way you hold the barbell with an underhand grip, you can carry heavier weight since you are increasing the activation of your biceps.

How To Row

  1. Grab the bar of the barbell with a double underhand grip
  2. The distance between your hands is somewhat broader than the width of your shoulder
  3. Bend your knees and push your torso a little forward
  4. Keep your back straight as you bend your upper body at the waist
  5. Lift the barbell until your elbows form 90 degrees while keeping your torso stationary
  6. Squeeze your muscles by holding for a few seconds
  7. Do the required number of sets

Caution, Caution, Caution

Supinated Bent Rows is a high-intensity workout and it’s not appropriate for individuals with back issues.

The movement on this exercise puts significant strain on your back. Instead of Supinated Bent Rows, a low pulley row is recommended.

It is also advisable to use only the weight that you can handle as a beginner. Start with lighter weights and gradually progress until you reach your breaking point.

For your reference, here’s a short clip showing how a Supinated Bent Row could help you build massive biceps:

Farmer’s Walk Carry

Farmer’s Walk Carry

There are a lot of Load Carry techniques. These Load Carry exercises involve carrying a certain weight in various ways and simply walking around strengthening different muscles in the body.

If you are like me who wants to concentrate on biceps, the Farmer’s Walk Carry could be best for you.

Considered to be the “King of Carries,” Farmers Walk Carry overloads your biceps with extremely heavy weight while your muscles are in its completely contracted state.

How It’s Done

  1. Start by standing in between two kettles or dumb bells of similar weights
  2. Raise the weight on your side until your body is straight
  3. Walk over a short distance while carrying the load just like how a farmer carries his produce
  4. Rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat until the desired repetition is achieved

How Effective Is This Exercise?

The effectiveness of your load carry workout greatly depends on the weight you carry and the distance you cover.

For beginners, Waiter’s Walk is recommended. Once you get the hang of it, you can try elevating the weight you’re carrying or try new variations of Load Carry workout such as Suitcase Carry, Press Walk, Rack Walk or a combination of all. best biceps workout

Here’s a tutorial video in performing a Farmer’s Walk Carry:

Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl

If there’s one exercise that works out your biceps the most, it would be the Concentration Curl.

This fact is confirmed by the American Council on Exercise in a study. According to the study, concentration curl yields 97% of bicep activity. This is significantly higher compared to barbell curls and EZ-bar curls with 76% and 71% yields respectively.

But what makes Concentration Curl so effective? It isolates the flexors of the arm and hits the head of the biceps resulting in optimum performance.

How It’s Done

  1. Sit on the edge of a bench with a dumbbell in between your legs
  2. Your spread should be in a manner that it will not hinder the movement of your arms while performing the routine
  3. Pick up the dumbbell and place the back of your elbow on your thigh
  4. Extend your arms down with palms facing up while holding the dumb bell
  5. Slowly bring the dumbbells up until your biceps fully contract and the weight is near your shoulders. Be sure to use only your forearm and your elbows are stationary
  6. Squeeze your muscles by pausing for a couple of seconds
  7. Slowly return to original position
  8. Do necessary repetitions

Never Rely Exclusively On Concentration Curls

As proven by studies, it’s the most effective workout for your biceps. However, do not overdo curls. It’s just one of the many biceps workouts and variations to choose from. Remember, growing your biceps is best done if you are into a variety of routines.

If having explosive biceps is simple, all of us would have massive arms by now. Allow me to set your expectations right – it’s not that easy. You need to have a lot of patience and commitment to have the toned arms you’ve always wanted.

However, once you have developed the discipline in performing these biceps exercises properly, it will not be long before you can see results of your hard labor.

Did you like this article? Did you learn something new? Should you have other biceps routines that are not our list, please feel free to share it with us by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues who are into bodybuilding. We’d love to hear inputs and suggestions to make our site more informative and interactive.

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