The Right Air Mattress Pump: A Complete Buying Guide

Air mattresses are a type of sleeping pad that some campers prefer than sleeping mats. Also known as air bed, they have an adjustable air chamber which acts as its support system. The air chamber might vary among air mattresses, depending on their use. For example, air beds that are used as a temporary accommodation for guests will have an air chamber covered in upholstery materials or padding. The additional fiber and foam could provide the firmness that is reminiscent to normal beds.

Air mattresses are made to be portable and lightweight. These are truly excellent choices for camping. They can be reduced in size simply by deflating the device and inflating them upon reaching the camp grounds. Backpackers often call them sleeping pads, and would often choose air mattresses with a layer of foam insulation just under the air support chambers so it would fare better on the ground.

Campers need to have a handy inflation device, such as an air pump to inflate them. This could be done by connecting the air bed’s hoses to the air pump and pumping air into the support chamber. Some inflation devices have a remote control which could be used to adjust the firmness.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Air Pump

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Air Pump

Air mattresses have one or more tubes that could be connected to the air mattress pump to inflate the device. Without the air pump for air mattress, users could not make use of the device. They would also be hesitant in deflating a device without an air pump ready because inflating it would be further delayed. Air pumps are made in different sizes and shapes, but not all of them could inflate air mattresses the right way. It is best to secure the right air pump before putting air in the air mattress, or risk irreparable damage. Owners should have a proper checklist on how to choose the best air pump on the market to answer their needs, not only for inflating air mattresses, but also in other things.

There are a lot of brands claiming to sell the best air pumps for indoor and outdoor use. Research should be a top priority when shopping for an air pump because the information, and perhaps the feedback on selected pumps, would help you determine the best value for money. The best air pumps are also not cheap to begin with, but you should invest in it if you plan to use your air beds regularly.

Using the wrong air pump would lead you to waste time and money. You might buy an air pump just because it is the popular one on the market; however, it might not be compatible with your air mattresses. Also, you could damage your air mattress by forcing an air pump to inflate it despite not being recommended. The right air pump should not be expensive nor well-known, but has the power to inflate your device with ease.

Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

Choosing an air pump is not rocket science. You should only have a checklist of factors to consider when buying. Bear in mind that not all air pumps fare well on all of these features. It is up to you to prioritize the factors that would help you in using and prolonging the life of your air mattresses. You should also be aware that no two air pumps are alike because each has different features to boast. Consider the features before purchasing the air pump.

  • Nozzle Type

The first consideration you need to make in choosing an air pump for your air mattress is the nozzle type. A nozzle is defined as a mechanism that regulates fluid or air flow. Air pumps use nozzles to project air or fluid through a pressurized vent. Before heading out to the mall, make sure to check your air bed and see what valves it has. The valve of the bed’s hose and the air pump nozzle should be compatible. There is a solution that could help you avoid buying the wrong air pump, and that is to buy the nozzle separately. Some air bed manufacturers are able to provide specific nozzles that you can attach to your existing air pump, so you do not need to buy another pump specifically for air beds.

  • Pump Type

Thanks to technology, air pumps are now available in both manual and electric types. Manual air pumps are basically cheaper and less complicated to utilize. It involves attaching the nozzle to the mattress’ hose and pumping the air in its support system with your hands and feet. If you are not familiar with manual labor, then this activity might be torture for your muscles. Manual pumps could be used for indoors and outdoors. They might be quite bulky, but still portable for camping.

Electric air mattress pumps are easier to handle and could inflate air beds in a short span of time. They are very powerful, and sometimes come in different nozzles; thus, interconnection to other inflatables would be convenient. Some also can find air mattress with built in pump. Electric pumps could be rechargeable or powered by an electrical outlet. Electric pumps are recommended for home use because electrical outlets are readily available. The rechargeable ones could be used for camping and short day trips.

  • Weight

Air pumps vary in sizes and shapes, so they technically have different weights. The weight of an air pump is important to consider because of the portability factor. If you plan to use the air pump outdoors, like during camping or travels abroad, then you should invest in a device that weighs less but has more power. Electric pumps tend to weigh less than manual pumps, but they are limited in power since they won’t be able to function without electrical outlets or batteries. Manual pumps are made to be bigger and could weigh more. However, they fare well in camping trips. You might just need to search for a portable manual air pump or a rechargeable electric pump that does not weigh you down.

  • Size

The size also matters if you plan to use the air pump for air mattress at the camping and day trips. Bear in mind that your backpack or car has limited space; thus, a small-sized air pump will be the perfect solution. There are a lot of sizable air pumps on the market, both manual and electric. It is up to you what size you should get, depending on the availability of space. You should not also compromise the power of the device over the size. You might be able to bring a miniature pump on your next camping trip, but discovered that it is not enough to inflate your whole air bed. Bringing the air pump would still be useless, despite freeing some space in your bag.

  • Power Source

Electric air mattress pumps need a power source to work. While the standard setup is to connect the air pump to an electrical outlet, there are already rechargeable ones on the market. Determine how you should use the air pump. Would it be for your air beds at home or office? Are you using air pumps for your day trips? Standard electric pumps are excellent for home use because there are electric outlets everywhere. If you are visiting a nearby pool area, it can also be used since resorts have electric outlets free of use for guests. You can even connect your air pumps to your cars, as long as the connector is compatible.

For camping purposes, the best thing you can bring is a rechargeable air pump. These air pumps have enough power to inflate an air bed two to three times. They are also portable and wireless, which makes it hassle free to carry them around. However, if you do not go camping much, investing in an expensive rechargeable mattress air pump might be a bad deal. You can just buy a manual pump because it requires no power source and is very cheap.

  • Price

After evaluating how you would likely to use the air pump, you would already know what to buy. Whether it is a manual or electric pump, bear in mind that you cannot compare them both on price alone. For example, you might want to get a manual pump just because it’s cheap even if you have weak muscles and a sedentary lifestyle. You might expose yourself to injury because of your refusal to invest in easy-to-use air pumps. The same goes for those who want to buy electric pumps even if they would be using it for camping. Unless you are staying at campgrounds with electrical outlets, steer clear from stand air pumps that require direct power sources.

It is best to set your priorities straight before barging in the nearest hardware store. Weigh the pros and cons of both manual and electric pumps, and apply them to your personal experience. Which do you need most? You can simply check our website to look at customer reviews on different air pumps on the market. Ask the advice of others regarding air pumps and you might be referred to the perfect product for your needs. Never let the price bother you because the right investment will not just keep your air beds inflated and firm, but also maintain the comfort your body needs while resting.

Looking At Reviews

There are a lot of air pumps on the market that could fit your needs. If you have not owned a single air pump in your life, you might not have the advantage of knowing what is best for your air mattress. Having a checklist is great, but that would only shorten your list, for it to be as specific as possible.

Normally, you would still have three to four choices that have reached your standards. How would you determine the best one from your short list? If you can’t try it beforehand, you might just get the first on your list. However, this is where the problem starts. You only have access to basic information about the air pump, and you probably don’t know how it fares well in reality. That is why you need to look at best air pumps we selected for you.

All air mattress pump reviews are available online on our website, as long as you know what to search. We provide reviews for products that on sale on Amazon.


Looking at guides will not just help you compare the products in your shortened list of air pumps. It would also help you in handling these things to maximize their use and prolong their benefit.


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