Expert Casper Mattress Review 2019: Is It The Perfect One For You?

Sleep is a privilege that most people take for granted. I must admit, I once abused myself by depriving my body of enough sleep that it deserves. Eventually, this bad habit took a toll on me. I became sickly and weak. I almost lost it. Good thing I was able to bounce back. Apparently, I realized that having a good night sleep is not just a state of mind. You also need to give your body an environment conducive for rejuvenating. Thus, I decided to invest in a quality mattress.

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Why Mattress Matters

Why Mattress Matters

Do we really need a quality mattress to sleep soundly at night? The answer is a huge yes. First of all, the right kind of mattress will help you rest well. Have you experienced waking up in the middle of the night because your body is not positioned properly? It could be due to a bad mattress. If you have the kind of pad that suits your body, you get better sleep. As a result, you will have better performance on the succeeding days.

Second, a mattress is your primary source of back support. It can significantly reduce the strain on your spine and neck. You will significantly notice an improvement on your back and neck pain. The Huffington Post also adds that not all soft and fluffy pads are good. They may be comfortable for your taste. However, they are not firm enough to support your body.

Finally, the wrong mattress can give you all sorts of allergies. Some material can easily catch dust and animal hair that can trigger your allergies. Although frequently washing your sheets is an excellent mitigating measure, it’s just not enough.

Finding The Right Mattress For You

Finding The Right Mattress For You

Now that you know why mattress matters, it’s time to look for the one that suits you. With a plethora of options in showrooms, here are some savvy tips on choosing the right mattress:

What Support Do You Need?

First, you need to start with the core. You need to ask yourself what kind of support you need. If you like a bed that bounces, you may want to prefer products with inner springs. On the other hand, if you want extra firm base, memory foam is perfect for you. It does not really sink when you’re on top of it. Instead, its polyurethane material adjusts to the contour of your body. However, if you want a little buoyancy, latex types are for you. They are almost similar to memory foam but has a little bounce back. If your choice is not among these options, you may want to have a customized mattress.




Don’t easily fall into enticing promotions of more than 10 years of warranty. Although you need to look for a product that will last long, it should not be more than seven years. The Better Sleep Council suggests replacing your mattress after seven years. Thus, look only for a product with a life expectancy of almost seven years. Or else, you will end up with a product that will become a breeding ground of allergens.

Lie Down

Lie Down

Believe it or not, the best way to know if you’re buying the right mattress is to try lying down on it. Some companies allow this since this is the best test there is. In fact, others will allow you to sleep on it for a week and will offer a money back guarantee. Generally, a good 5 to 10 minutes of lying down will be enough for you to get the overall feel of the mattress.

Casper Mattress Review

Casper in one of the newest player in the mattress industry. Established in New York, it aims to provide everything that you need for the best sleep ever. Casper has capitalized in introducing a single model of mattress that’s a perfect marriage between latex and memory foam. Despite stiff competition, the company is proud to have kept their manufacturing in the US. In addition, they continue to use resilient materials that will last longer in comparison to their competitors.

Get $75 Towards A New Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress Business Model

Casper Mattress Business Model

The core of Casper’s business model is to produce a low-cost, high-quality product. Their target customers are those who cannot afford luxurious brands but in dire need of a rejuvenating sleep. So far, they are successful on this part. So how can they keep the cost low and maintain the optimum quality all at the same time?

  1. First, they re-engineered their supply chain. They strategically sourced out their raw materials from neighboring states and do the manufacturing in Atlanta, GA.
  2. Next, the limit retail cost. They only have one showroom in New York City. So you buy directly from them instead of a retail store. It significantly cuts down the cost.
  3. Finally, they reduced the packaging cost. Upon ordering, you will notice that they’re packing the mattress in smaller boxes. As a result, they don’t have to pay more for shipping even if they shoulder the delivery cost.

These three factors allow Casper to profitably sell its mattresses three times lower than the leading brands. Moreover, they put paramount importance to customer feedback to further improve their product. As a result, they have a formidable online reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality mattresses.

What’s Inside The Casper Mattress?

Casper has come up with a product with the right fusion of three materials – latex, memory, and base foam. There were previous concerns about the retention of heat on foams and latex beds. However, after a careful study, the company was able to come up with a patented combination. It involves a springy, breathable latex foam over supportive and pressure sensitive memory foam.


Further research makes the Casper Mattress free of harmful chemicals and fire retardants. Instead, they prefer to use a mechanical fire sock built from silica threads. In my years of studying mattresses, this is the first time I’ve encountered this technology. It’s simply impressive. To bind the components together, they use a Greenguard certified, water-based adhesive. The foam itself is also low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). According to US Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs have adverse effects both on your health and the environment.

Without a doubt, Casper is not only leaning towards manufacturing quality product. They are also conscious about their customer’s health and environment. Only a few manufacturing companies do that in present days.

The Drawback

  • They only have one model of mattress:

Because Casper wants to focus on creating the best, they only have one model of mattress. Also, you don’t have the options to customize it other than the size.

  • Softer than what you could have wanted:

If you’re like me who wants a firm foam for support purposes you might find Casper on the softer side. The reason being it is not 100% made of memory foam. Instead, it is a combination of the three materials. However, if support is the least of your preference, it’s not an issue after all.

  • They are not too accessible:

Bad news for people living outside the United States. As of the moment, they have showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, West Elm, and London. Also, they may visit a few states for some pop-up stores. The company is now working on shipping their products abroad although we can’t expect it to be anytime soon.

Shipping And Returns Policy

Casper offers same day shipping and handling for free if you’re within the New York Area. On the other hand, it will take 5 days to send it to other states.

On top of this, they also offer a 100-night risk-free trial. If you find the mattress uncomfortable for you within the next 100 days, they will give your money back. They will even pick up the item for you and handle the processing cost. In addition, all Casper Mattresses are covered by a 10-year full warranty. If you need some help, there are several ways to contact Casper. Click on the link below to go to their customer care section: https://casper.com/help

The Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress

In case you missed it, Casper only sells one model of mattress. However, they claim it to be the best and last you’ll ever own. The surface of the mattress is undeniably comfortable. It actively contours to your body to relieve pressure. Yet, they’ve kept that bounce and cool temperature. It took them a lot of research to check what combination will be the best. Finally, they were able to discover the perfect marriage of materials.

Every mattress has the following components:

  • Open Cell Latex Foam – The topmost layer is made up of hypoallergenic latex material that keeps the temperature cool. Also, it maintains that subtle bounce for maximum comfort.
  • Responsive Memory Foam – The high-density memory foam relieves the stress and strains on your body.
  • Adaptive Transition Foam – This middle layer is responsible for a consistent weight distribution.
  • Durable Foam Support – The lowest layers provide support and strengthen the upper layers that add long-lasting durability.

A woven cover protects these layers. Casper only uses premium textiles that are breathable, flexible, and resilient.

Size And Pricing

Casper Mattresses are available in six different sizes. Check the pricing below based on their website for your reference:

  • Twin (39”×75”): $500
  • Twin XL (39”×80”): $600
  • Full (54”×75”): $750
  • Queen (60”×80”): $850
  • King (76”×80”): $950
  • CA King (72”×84”): $950

Get $75 Towards A New Casper Mattress

 The Casper Foundation

The Casper Foundation

Although the Casper Mattress can rest on any firm and flat surface, they recommend using a Casper Foundation. They cite this foundation to be the perfect companion of your mattress. It is specially designed and engineered to provide excellent support and protection to your new sleeping buddy. Contrary to traditional box springs, they ship the Casper foundation in small boxes. Moreover, you can assemble it in minutes without any hassles. Similarly, you can dismantle it quickly without using tools.

Advantages Of Casper Foundation

Below are some of the selling points that might persuade you to buy Casper Foundation:

  • Strong and Sturdy – Casper engineers this foundation with solid spruce and pine. To test its durability, a number of rigorous tests were conducted proving that it can stand for years.
  • Perfectly Spaced Slats – Other foundations have very wide slats. As a result, the mattress sags. Casper Foundation has slats with equal distances of 4 inches for optimal support.
  • Effortless Assembly – Believe it or not, you won’t need tools to assemble and dismantle this foundation. Thus, transferring your bed from one place to another will be hassle free.
  • Perfect Fit – Since you’re buying your foundation from the same company that manufactured your mattress, a perfect fit is possible.

On top of these benefits, you can also avail a 5-year limited warranty that covers Casper Foundations. Furthermore, they are manufacturing this foundation in the humble state of Tennessee. Take advantage of the free shipping and returns within US and Canada.

The Casper Sheets

The Casper Sheets

To provide its customers with a holistic sleeping experience, the company introduces its new line of products. Casper Sheets is one of them. Customers have the option to purchase a set or separately. Each standard set includes:

  • Flat Sheet – A classic cuff that runs on both sides of the mattress. It is perfect for folding down or tucking in.
  • Fitted Sheet – These are easy to fold fabrics that stay put on top of your bed. Using its grippy elastic texture, losing it in the middle of the night is almost impossible.
  • Pillow Case Set – These enclosures keep your pillows safe and protected. To keep the temperature cool, Casper only uses breathable percale weave material.

However, you may also opt for an additional Duvet Cover for an additional cost of $120. Its soft sheeting material makes it easy for you to flip. In addition, it includes hidden openings for easy access to every corner.

It’s The Thread That Counts

So what makes the Casper sheets impossibly soft and airy? It’s simple. It is made of the finest cotton in the world. The Supima cotton grows in the Central Valley in California. It has a unique characteristic of getting better with every wash. They are also up to 4 times stronger than average industrial fabric. The percale weave is the smart way of weaving this cotton to allow the air to pass freely. As a result, the fabric becomes more breathable and soft.

Believe it or not, Casper was able to find the ideal thread count for the perfect combination of softness, strength, and breathability. They painstakingly conducted several studies to come up with the magic number of threads. Apparently, it worked. Casper Sheets are available in the same sizes as the Casper Mattress.

The Casper Pillow

Your sleep will never be complete without a Casper Pillow. It is a responsive, dual layer pillow designed to stay cool, supportive, and comfortable. Regardless of your sleeping position, this cushion is said to offer you a deep and sound slumber.

A Pillow In A Pillow?

To provide the perfect balance of softness and support, Casper introduces a unique one in a pillow technology. As the name suggests, this product contains an outer and an inner pillow. The inner material provides support for your back and neck. On the other hand, the outer pillow is in charge of the comfort and fluff.

Below are the parts that make the Casper Pillow one, if not the best pillow for you:

  1. Breathable Cover Material – it’s the outermost cover with percale weave. It keeps the fibers from escaping. In addition, it maintains breathability while keeping the temperature cool.
  2. Plush Outer Layer – it has a cutting-edge low friction fibers that are thinner than the human hair. These fibers create a plush and a cushioning surface.
  3. Supportive Gusset – at 2 inches wide, the gusset is in charge of consistent distribution of fill to the entire pillow. As a result, there is a uniform loft all throughout for optimum neck support. Moreover, it keeps an excellent spine alignment that reduces back pain every time you wake up.
  4. Adaptive Inner Core – the inner core has millions of short fibers that easily adapt to your movement. They also create a signature springy effect that no other brands can offer.

Perfect For All Sleeping Positions

Regardless how you toss and turn when you sleep, Casper Pillows will remain supportive and comfortable. Sleeping on your back, stomach or side will only need one pillow – the Casper Pillow. It is also cool not only on one side but rather on both. There’s no need to flip your pillow because it’s heating up after lying on it. With its minuscule and silky fibers, Casper Pillow can never be more breathable.

Casper Pillows are available in two sizes, Standard and King. Standard size measures 18” x 26” with a 2-inch gusset. On the other hand, King Size measure 18” x 34” with the same gusset. Free shipping also applies to all order in US and Canada via UPS and UPS Air. Casper Pillows come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Get $75 Towards A New Casper Mattress

Other Casper Products

Aside from pillow, mattress, and sheets, Casper also sells the following products:

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you want to keep your mattress looking new all the time, a Waterproof Mattress Protector is a must buy. It is an effective protection against dirt, spills, and normal wear and tear. Casper uses the same waterproofing material of premium outdoor gears. Furthermore, the microscopic pore is small enough to keep spills out. However, they are huge enough to let the air in to maintain breathability. Here are some additional facts about this amazing product:

  • Materials: Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene, and Spandex
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King 2
  • Shipping: Free shipping and returns for US and Canada
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty

Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed Frame

This easy to assemble bed frame complements the Casper Foundation and Mattress to create a complete sleeping setup. It is made of 100% recycled steel. However, it is guaranteed to be robust and sturdy. Similar to the foundation, assembling the bed frame is a breeze. In fact, you won’t even need any tools to put it up easily.

  • Materials: 100% recycled steel, High Impact Polystyrene, and Polypropylene
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Casper Foundation and most standard foundations and box springs
  • Shipping: Free shipping and returns for US and Canada
  • Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty

Dog Mattress

Dog Mattress

If you think a comfortable mattress is just for humans, think again. The same team behind the success of Casper Mattress also introduces the Casper Dog Mattress. This durable yet comfortable product offers a conducive sleeping environment for your pets. Similar to a regular mattress, this product also has the perfect combination of memory and support foam. As a result, your canine can enjoy the same quality of sleep that you enjoy.

Aside from comfort, the Casper Dog Mattress is durable enough to withstand the sharp claws and teeth of your pet. It includes a removable mattress cover which is machine wash friendly. No matter how heavy your pet is, it maintains its shape and is guaranteed not to sink or sag. Finally, its zippers are smartly hidden to avoid scratches on your floors.

  • Materials2-Layer Foam Construction: Visco Elastic Memory Foam / Polyurethane Support Foam / Nylon, Polyester, and Olefin Cover
  • Available Sizes: Small (for dogs up to 30 lbs) / Medium (for dogs up to 60 lbs) / Large (for dogs up to 90 lbs)
  • Shipping: Free shipping and returns for US and Canada
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty


To conclude, Casper Mattress and products are on top of the list for the most cost effective and quality mattresses. Aside from the quality of its materials, it stands by its claims of comfort and breathability. Moreover, it creates the feeling of sleeping on premium linens and cushions without spending much. In the end, there’s a perfect reason why Casper makes only one kind of mattress but does it perfectly.

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Expert Casper Mattress Review 2019: Is It The Perfect One For You?
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