Do You Need A Box Spring With A Memory Foam Mattress?

Buying a mattress sounds like a simple task until you feel the difficulty of choosing what to buy. There are so many kinds of mattresses out there. Memory foam mattress, to name one. This might sound more interesting to you than the others.

One of the most common questions asked inside a home improvement shop is this, “Do you need a boxspring with a memory foam mattress?” If you are a buyer, your answer could be “maybe.” But, how to know whether you really need one?

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress is made of viscoelastic which is highly energy absorbent and soft. The foam follows the curves of the body upon heat and pressure. Then, it goes back to its original form once you remove the pressure from it.

A good memory foam mattress will distribute body weight evenly. Its material should significantly reduce pressure points, lessening the need to toss and turn around the bed. If you have pressure-related pain during your sleep, a memory foam mattress is ideal for you.

The downside of memory foam mattresses is that it retains heat. It may become uncomfortable during warm weathers. However, this rarely happens because nowadays, you can easily change the temperature indoors with a thermostat.

What Is A Boxspring?

What Is A Boxspring?

There are two basic types of foundations for your mattress: Boxsprings and Foundations. Nowadays, you can use these terms interchangeably. It is basically where the mattress will sit on.

A boxspring is a foundation for a mattress that is made of a sturdy wooden frame. It contains springs that act as shock absorbers. It is covered in cloth, and it should be firm and even. A box spring also adds height to the mattress, making it easier to climb in and out of bed.

If you place your mattress on an uneven surface with little support, you are risking it to premature damage. It could sag and become uneven as well. With that in mind, you have to check with the manufacturer on how a mattress should be installed.

If Not A Boxspring, What Can You Use For Your Mattress?

If Not A Boxspring, What Can You Use For Your Mattress?

When looking for a foundation, you should consider what’s best for the mattress to prolong the lifespan. The mattress is for your comfort, while the foundation is for the mattresses comfort. If not a boxspring, you can use these other foundations for your mattress.

Platform Beds

It consists of a flat surface that is either solid or with slats. The slats have to be even and ideally not so far apart. The mattress can go directly on a platform bed.

One advantage of a platform bed is that you can personalize it. You can find one with the style you like and even one with storage at the bottom. It can provide the ideal height while giving the support the mattress needs.

A platform bed can either be space saving or space consuming, depending on your preference.


The floor gives proper support for the mattress because of the solid flat surface. You can go for Bohemian styles or more of a minimalist route like the Japanese. The disadvantage is that it makes getting in and out of the mattress not so easy.

Adjustable Power Base

This is a base that has a motor that allows you to incline the head or foot of the bed. This is useful if you have trouble sleeping flat, if you have vein issues or if you simply want to read in a good position. Some may also have a massage feature.

What Support Is Good For A Memory Foam Mattress?

The ideal foundation for a memory foam mattress toppers provides a solid, even bottom for the foam. Platform beds and foldable metal or wooden foundations can provide this. However, make sure the slats are close enough together to give that even support. If you’re just starting out and trying to save, keep it low profile by setting your mattress on the floor.

A boxspring can work with a foam mattress if it is still new and if the springs are consistent. Typically, box springs that are ten years or older have probably worn out the springs. If you have an existing box spring that isn’t too old, test it out first. Push against the springs in several spots. If it’s all consistently rigid and firm, you can use your memory foam mattress on it.

Why Is It Important To Find A Good Mattress?

Why Is It Important To Find A Good Mattress?

Whether you like it or not, your sleeping pattern affects your health. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, there are hidden costs of insufficient sleep. A lot of times, when these costs go unnoticed, more health problems could develop.

Many factors contribute to your quality of sleep. It could be health conditions, your diet, stress, the environment, your mattress, etc. Fortunately, you can control some of these factors. One is your choice of mattress. It’s important to find a good mattress because it could change the quality of your sleep.

Fortunately, many mattress manufacturers can let you test the mattress out. Make sure to order a warranty claim in case it doesn’t fit your needs. You should also read the manufacturer’s guidelines. How you install the mattress and how you care for it affect its lifespan.

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You should do your research before buying a mattress. Selecting a mattress should be like starting out in a relationship. You have to ask yourself, “are you ready commit to it?” You need to have a long-term mindset because you’re going to be stuck with it for a long time. You’re either going to waste money or affect the quality of your sleep.

That said, a good foundation is important for whatever kind of mattress you choose. It improves the lifespan of the foam. You can use a boxspring with your memory foam if it is not worn out. When in doubt, ask your retailer for more information.


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