Why Your Baby Needs That Magical Mid-Day Nap

Raising a baby is usually a full-time job since it involves a lot of things to deal with. One of the most issues you will struggle with will revolve around sleep. This is because unlike us adults, babies do not have definite sleeping habits.

This is why naps are essential in a child’s life. In fact, according to pediatricians, naps are a must for babies. Therefore it is advisable for parents to prepare well in advance by buying the ideal products that will ensure your baby gets his full dose of sleep. Investing in quality products like best baby bassinets, best toddler pillows among others is, therefore, a must for every caring parent.

Pediatricians say that babies need up to 20 hours of sleep in a day. Therefore, to reach that number of hours in a day, your baby needs to nap most of the time. The best time to nap is during midday since at that time, you would have fed your baby so that he won’t be napping on an empty stomach.

Here are the benefits of naps to your baby:

Napping Promotes Emotional Development

Research shows that babies and toddlers who don’t have enough sleep are at high risks of suffering from anxiety. They may also exhibit decreased cognitive abilities. If your baby does not have enough sleep, it can lead to him developing lifelong mood disorders. This is because missing nap times will make your baby tired throughout the day. This will result in a decrease in his positive emotional responses. It’s therefore important for your baby to get some shuteye.

A Day-Time Sleeper Is A Good Nighttime Sleeper

It’s a common notion among many parents that skipping daytime naps will make their babies to sleep better during the night. However, that is not actually the case. According to Pediatricians, if your baby skips the midday nap, he is likely to end up as an overtired baby by the time it will be bedtime. Most people think that an overtired baby will fall asleep in no minutes.

The opposite is actually true. An overtired baby is likely toact stressed and wired. This makes it difficult to get him to fall asleep especially if you didn’t prepare to battle with him. The only time experts think can interfere with your baby’s sleep time at night will be ifhe napped in the evening, which is 5.30 and 8 p.m.

Napping Promotes Learning

If your baby is a preschool toddler, then he needs that midday very much. This is because a lot of cognitive development happens when our babies nap. According to the studies that were conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, toddlers who took naps right after being presented with information showed demonstrated higher levels of memory and learning.

Most parents would go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their children become smarty-pants. From playing babies Mozarts while they are still in the womb to counting how much omega-3 mothers take when they are breastfeeding, there is nothing parents cannot do to ensure that their babies end up as smart babies. However, the simplest way you can foster the development of your baby’s brain is by making sure that they don’t skip their naptime.

Napping Promotes Growth

When your baby takes that nap, it’s not just his brain that is developing; his body is growing as well. Babies usually undergo rapid growth, hence during this time; they need a lot of pretty much everything. Not just food, they also need a lot of sleep.

Since a lot of growth in babies usually happens when they are sleeping, depriving your baby of enough napping time will negatively impact on their physical and mental growth.

Napping Promotes Good Behavior In Babies And Children

It may not seem to you like a big deal if your baby misses one or two nap times. But your stand on this might change if you wait until later in the evening or the next day, this is because you will have to put up with dealing with a fussy and a whining baby.

According to a study that was conducted by the University of Colorado, fatigue can induce crankiness in babies. This means that sleep deprived babies and toddlers have heightened negative emotions and dulled positive emotions.

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How You Can Achieve Blissful Naps With Your Baby

How You Can Achieve Blissful Naps With Your Baby

Since naps play a significant role in your baby’s emotional, mental and physical development, it is important that you establish a healthy nap routine. Here is how you can make the napping process easier:

  • Set a routine:

Establishing a schedule is very important since babies respond well to routines. Make it a routine of napping at midday and your baby will soon get used to it.

  • Make it fit:

When choosing the right time for your baby to take naps, ensure that it fits with his schedule.

  • Always use the crib:

You should always ensure that your baby naps in his crib. This will make him recognize his surrounding and get him to feel safe.

  • Lull your baby to sleep:

Sometimes you may find it hard to get your baby to fall asleep. In this case, you can give him a little massage or a tummy rub. This will help to relax him and lull him to sleep. Playing a soft music can also help to soothe him so that he can fall asleep easily.


Sleep is a major factor in a baby’s development. As a parent, you should ensure that your baby gets enough sleep every day. One of the ways you can ensure that your baby sleeps sufficiently is by making him take naps during the day. Don’t let your baby miss that magical midday nap.

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