Using Essential Oils To Help Treat Snoring – All You Need To Know

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reports that 90 million American adults snore and 37 million of them snore on a regular basis. Snoring can affect both females and males, though it commonly affects males who are overweight. Adverse health effects are possible if you or your partner do not get enough sleep, indicates the NSF.

Causes Of Snoring

Causes Of Snoring

As you sleep, your throat muscles relax and your tongue will naturally move to the back of your throat. The throat passage becomes narrower and results in vibrations that can be heard while you breathe. The vibrations are usually louder upon inhale, but can also be heard when you exhale.

Consult a doctor to determine the cause of your snoring. There are many reasons why you may be snoring and the treatments vary depending on the cause. Some common reasons for snoring are:

  • Age
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sleep position
  • Nasal polyps
  • Abnormal nasal passage
  • Using alcohol
  • Using muscle relaxants
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Being overweight

Types Of Essential Oils To Cure Snoring

Herbs by themselves are not useful in treating snoring conditions. The must be used in a combination with other herbs. Passionflower mixed with peppermint leaves is believed to assist in controlling snoring. Another recommended mixture is combining valerian root, passionflower and peppermint leaves. If snoring is a result of congestion due to a cold, you may want to use peppermint oil combined with goldenseal and eucalyptus. Herbs are found in oil or extract form and can be found in solid forms as well.

How To Use Essential Oils To Cure Snoring

How To Use Essential Oils To Cure Snoring

There are many ways to use essential oils to help you stop snoring. Some stop-snoring remedies involve a jar filled with essential oils. You keep this jar closed until you are ready to sleep, then you open the jar and breathe in the essential oil fragrances.

Nasal sprays are also available for you to mist the inner passage of your nasal passage with. Similar are roll-ons, a blend of essential oils that use a roll-on applicator to apply the oils directly to your skin. These oils are applied around the nose and sinus cavities. You can also spray your room lightly with blends of essentials oil before you go to sleep.

Warnings Of Serious Medical Conditions And Snoring

Snoring can also be linked to underlying medical conditions that can be quite serious. Sleep apnea, for example, is a serious sleep disorder that cuts off oxygen to your brain while you sleep.

Snoring also deprives you of the rest you and your partner require to function properly the next day. The Mayo Clinic indicates that not getting enough sleep at night minimizes your ability to be alert during the day and may even be serious enough to impair your ability to operated motor vehicles.

The Benefits Of Using Essential Oils To Cure Snoring

By finding a solution to your snoring problems you and your partner can get a better night’s sleep and be able to function safely the next day. Essential oils, when used as directed, often do not have side effects and can work well for you.

Snoring is very common and at times, can be quite serious. Snoring doesn’t just affect the person who is snoring; often it affects the partner much more. There are sleep clinics available to assist you in understanding what is causing your snoring and to help you treat it.

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