The health benefits of having a Sleep Number adjustable bed are many and the following article highlights seven of them.

Seven Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

Seven Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

  • Helps to achieve natural alignment of spinal. When sleeping on air, cushions of air contour to body weight and provide balanced weight distribution, thus helping your spine to have a natural alignment and great support for your body. On too firm a mattress, there can be too much pressure on the body to allow for natural spinal curvature. Too soft a mattress offers only little support, which allows for sinking, thus creating unnatural curves of the spine. However, the air support sleep system provides balanced support for body weight, which helps your spine to have its natural alignment.
  • Helps to improve the sleep quality. Air sleep systems with proper support of your comfort level, you sleep better; waking up relaxed, refreshed and energized.
  • Helps to support your bodies at any age. Our bodies always change size and weight as we age; so various levels of support are necessary to have a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep. The adjustability of an airbed allows for the many varying firmness needed by our bodies as they change with age. An air sleep system helps to have the perfect support your body needs for the entire life span.
  • Helps to meet needs of each partner. Most couple has different sleep needs for a good night’s sleep. The adjustability of the two air chambers of an air sleep system provides for each partners needs to be controlled separately, so that each partner will not have to compromise on a good night’s sleep.
  • It may helps to reduce back pain. Airbeds may provide the appropriate level of support suggested by chiropractors, but with a softer, more comfortable surface. The adjustability of airbed helps a person with chronic back pain and may notice an immediate relief from pain. Because as the level of air in the mattress is adjusted, his or her back pain can also increase or decrease and this level can be adjusted instantly with the touch of a button.
  • Helps to improve blood circulation, and hence reduce stress. Gentle and balanced support of your entire body with air sleep helps to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and relax aching muscles. By reducing pressure points that can occur in the heavier areas of the body proper circulation may be promoted. With better blood flow through the vessels in these areas, rollovers will be reduced, and more peaceful night’s sleep may be possible.
  • Help to reduce pressure points. A study by the University of London shows that “tossing and turning” is related to pressure points on the body. Pressure points are areas where pressure is exerted against the body due to resistance from the bed. This is one of the primary reason people experience unsatisfying sleep. This same study showed that out of eight sleep surfaces tested, the airbed provided the most balanced support to achieve the lowest level of pressure points.

Are You Tired Of Feeling Tired?

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a new YOU. Are you one of those people who:

  • constantly feel sluggish
  • wish you could sleep just a little longer every morning
  • can’t make it through a meeting without yawning
  • have more day than energy
  • are your kids grinding on your last nerve
  • headaches and backaches slowing you down
  • can’t remember what us was like to wake up refreshed and healthy
  • feeling robbed of joy

If your answer is yes? There is help for you!

Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of the benefits of a good night rest, and those who do feel that such luxury is unattainable. They settle for mattresses that are inadequate for a healthy and rejuvenating sleep.

Having a restful sleep plays an important role in how we perform and feel throughout the day contributing to our stress levels. More importantly, it impacts our health. Researchers say that during sleep, neurons can shut down and repair damage and reduce inflammation done during the day throughout our body including tissue. Without these repairs, neurons don’t function correctly. Insufficient or inadequate sleep can create hormonal imbalance responsible for cravings and increased appetite.

How To Change The Way You Sleep

How To Change The Way You Sleep

The good news is: You have the power to change how you sleep. Here’s how:

  • Imagine, being able to wake up every day feeling healthy, energized and rejuvenated.
  • Imagine looking and feeling beautiful and younger every day.
  • Imagine reaching your health and weight management goals.
  • Imagine having enough energy to tackle all your tasks.


We believe a rejuvenating sleep should be a daily experience for everyone. Our goal is to provide you with a mattress that will give you the benefits of a restoring sleep at a low affordable price. No more sacrificing the invigorating sleep you much deserve. Say goodbye to irritating back pain and hello to a new you.

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