How Big Is A Queen Size Bed? (And Reasons Why It’s So Popular)

One of the biggest factors affecting your good night’s sleep is your sleeping space. Generally, you want a bed that is long and wide enough for you to comfortably move around. You need to know some dimensions before you go shopping for a bed. How big is a queen size bed? What’s the difference between a king size and a queen size?

You want to answer these questions to avoid the mistake of buying a bed that is too small for your comfort or too large for your space. Knowing dimensions can also help you choose the best one that will suit your room, your budget, and your preference.


Mattress Or Bed Size Guide

These are the measurements of the different sizes of beds according to

Queen Size Bed

This size is actually the most commonly sold size. It’s 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, comfortable enough for two adult sleepers. A queen size bed is a good choice couples who like to sleep closer together. It’s also a great for a guest room, which doesn’t really need more space for other furniture. For those saving on room space, a queen size bed is ideal compared to a king size bed.

King Size Bed

King Size Bed

A king size bed is as long as a queen, but wider at 76 inches. That’s 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It’s perfect for couples who want more space and for couples with children that might want to sleep in with them. If you are not skimping on living space, then you can opt for a king size bed.

California King Bed

A California king bed size is perfect for those who are taller or for those who want more length in their bed. It’s 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. It’s narrower than a king size bed but it’s more than a queen size one.

Twin Size Bed

This is the smallest size for adults and a spacious size for one child. It’s 39 inches wide and 74 inches long. Taller adults can opt for a twin XL size which is longer by 6 inches. That makes a twin XL 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. A twin-size bed/mattress is ideal for those living in tight spaces.

Full Size Bed

Full Size Bed

A full-size mattress, otherwise known as a double mattress is 54 inches wide and 74 or 75 inches long. That’s 16 inches wider than a twin size. It’s a tight fit for two adults to sleep comfortably, but a great choice for growing children or teenagers. Some parents choose this size for their children to give them some space for reading together before tucking them in.

Customized Size

Some manufacturers may offer the option of customized sizes but they will most likely be more expensive. You will then have to customize the bed frame to match the unique mattress size as well. This option works well if you have no budget restriction.

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Now That You Know The Dimensions Of Each Bed Or Mattress Size, Which One Would You Choose?

The choice of bed size is really up to you because what’s on the line is your sleep, not ours. While your comfort and preference are important factors, you still have to take note of other considerations. Budget, room space, and how much bed space you think you’ll use.

Size Of The Bedroom

Size Of The Bedroom

The size of the bedroom is very important. Before you buy the bed, measure the dimensions of the room, both lengthwise and widthwise. Consider what other furnitures you’ll need inside the room such as a dresser, a desk, and maybe even a loveseat. This will help you determine how much floor space you will have or need.

A college dorm room will probably need room for a desk, a dresser and maybe shelves. Typically, dorm rooms have twin size beds because of the smaller square footage. Twin size beds leave small dorm rooms with a comfortable amount of living space. A guest room, on the other hand, will essentially only need a bed, giving it more space for a larger bed.


Typically, the larger the bed size, the more expensive it is. However, there are also a lot of factors that affect the price, such as the mattress type. Latex foam is probably one of the most expensive mattress types. With the price of a latex foam twin mattress, you can probably get a bigger sized mattress, but a cheaper type of foam.

If You Move Around A Lot When You Sleep…

If You Move Around A Lot When You Sleep

Then a bigger mattress is probably better for you. For couples, the size also depends on whether you want to snuggle or whether you want more space apart. A full size or queen size gives you less space and more chances of getting close. It also depends on how well you are sleeping next to another person. If being too close is interrupting your sleep quality and pattern, then opt for a bigger size.

Some studies show that getting close during sleep is healthy for a marriage. With a king size, each sleeper gets about 38 inches of space to enjoy. However, if you want to cuddle, you can always just move in closer to each other. A bigger bed might come in handy for when your child or children want to sleep on your bed with you.


Adequate sleep is vital for good health. That said, choosing a bed is very important because it is one of the biggest factors that affect your sleep. Unlike internal factors such as your health, choosing a bed is one factor where you have complete control. You get to decide what to get and it is your decision to choose one that will positively affect your sleep quality.

When choosing a bed, size matters significantly. The best size depends on a few different factors such as the room size and the budget. It also depends on how much space you will need for comfortable sleep either alone or with another person. Once you’ve chosen the perfect size, you can begin to look for the perfect type of mattress and bed frame.

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