Waterbed Heater To Keep You Warm In A Cold Night

The modern waterbed usually has some kind of heating built into it. Typically, a waterbed heater is a very flat and wide heating element that goes between the water bed mattress and the mattress cover or lining. This is usually an electrical heating element that you can control with some kind of thermostat style control on a wire outside the bed.

The water bed heater that comes with your waterbed when you buy a waterbed heater mattress can usually be replaced with another more accurate waterbed heater. A better waterbed heater is able to provide either more heating power or to distribute the heating for the water bed more evenly over the waterbed’s surface.

So, which waterbed heater suits you the most? Why should you buy a waterbed heater? Find out more about waterbed heater in this article.

Which Waterbed Heater Is The Best For You?

Which Waterbed Heater Is The Best For You?

When you buy a heater for a water bed keep in mind that different kinds of heaters are meant for different kinds of waterbeds. The most common difference between waterbed heater products is that some are a softside waterbed heater and others are hard frame waterbed heaters.

Products from popular waterbed heater manufacturers include the Halcyon waterbed heater and the Goldmark waterbed heater. The Halcyon water bed heater can be bought by itself for less than one hundred dollars in many cases, depending on what model of waterbed heater you choose to go with.

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Benefits Of A Waterbed Heater

Benefits Of A Waterbed Heater

  • By getting a waterbed heater that is able to spread out the heat more effectively to the corners of the water bed mattress and by making sure that your water bed heater is strong enough to give you the level of heat that you want, you can sleep more easily on your water bed as the warm temperature helps you to lower your blood pressure and as a result you can sleep more soundly on a water bed mattress that is well heated over one that is at room temperature.
  • Another benefit for getting a superior water bed heater to the water bed heater that is included with your existing water bed mattress when you buy it is that an advanced water bed heater is able to make more efficient use of electricity and this can show up as a lower cost on your electrical bill (as heating elements can take up a lot of electricity).


But before purchasing a waterbed heater, be sure to read consumer reviews for the water bed heater that you are considering buying to make sure that it does not use too much power and that it really does everything that the advertising claims it is capable of doing.

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