Putting Your Dream On Hold: Four Situations Where It’s Okay To Do So

Everyone has a dream. When you were a kid, you might have dreamed of being a millionaire, an artist, or a musician. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Maybe you’ve dreamed of one day traveling the world, eating street food from every country, and visiting landmarks from every continent.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of something great, but reality can be harsh. As an adult you have responsibilities to answer to. Because of these responsibilities, the path to your dreams and ambitions can be a rocky one.

Sometimes it’s okay to set your dreams aside for a bit, while at other times, it might even be better to give up on your dream entirely. Dreams are great sources of inspiration; sometimes you just have to take a break.

When You’re Putting Your Finances In Danger

When You’re Putting Your Finances In Danger

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something. But as mentioned before, everyone has responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is financial stability. Whether you’re a college student or a proud father, you should never put your finances in danger for the sake of pursuing your dream. This is especially true if you’re the latter.

If you’re a parent providing for his or her kids, never put your dream ahead of them. There are some stories of fathers or mothers mortgaging their homes for the sake of their dreams. If they succeed, the family prospers. But if they fail, then their family falls into extreme debt or even poverty.

Never put your finances at risk for the sake of what ifs. If your finances are in the red because of your dream, stop and take a moment to look back. Taking risks is fine, but the risks you take should be yours alone to carry. The risks you take should never threaten to destroy your lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to be a singer, writer, or artist, make sure that at the end of the day you’re still capable of paying the bills.

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When You’re Starting To Damage Your Relationships And Endangering Your Health

When You’re Starting To Damage Your Relationships And Endangering Your Health

Always listen to what other people have to say. If you’re going to pursue a dream, always pay attention to people’s concerns about you. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to pursue your passion, but remember to stay open minded.

Pay attention to the insight of others. While you’re toiling away chasing your dream, you may find yourself falling behind with your other responsibilities. If you’re a student, your grades may be suffering. If you’re a parent, you might suddenly not be spending enough time with your kids.

It’s easy to fail to notice these things if you’re engrossed with a project or goal. Listen to what your friends and loved ones have to say.

If your wife tells you that you’re spending too much time in your work shed, then you probably are. If your friends tell you that you’re losing weight and are starting to look paler every day, listen to them. Don’t ignore people’s observations about you.

Your dream should never be a threat to your health, social life, or family life. If your dream starts getting in the way of these things, take a break and re-evaluate how you can do things better.

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When You’re Just Not Getting Anywhere

When You’re Just Not Getting Anywhere

Some things are just not meant to be. If you find yourself failing over and over again with no sign of improvement, consider stopping for a bit or even think about giving up entirely. While this sounds overly pessimistic, sometimes you just have to be realistic about things. Not everyone can sing. Not everyone can dance. Not everyone can raise a business from the ground up.

If you don’t see yourself improving after months of repetition, take a break and think about how you can attack the issue from a different angle. Reflect on what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right. By taking a break, you’re giving yourself a different perspective on things. When you decide to go back to chasing your dream, you’ll have new ideas and a better understanding of how to face your challenges.

But if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, don’t be afraid to give up. At the end of the day, there’s no point in pursuing something that you’re not getting good at. Think about it this way: if you’re going to give up on one dream, you’re opening up other avenues to explore. Don’t let yourself be bogged down by a single-minded pursuit. Don’t be afraid to explore new horizons.

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When Your Passion Is Running Dry

When Your Passion Is Running Dry

Regardless of what your dream is, remember that at the end of the day, you should still be enjoying yourself. Your dream should be an outlet of stress and a source of inspiration. Don’t let the pressure you feel outweigh the passion you once had. If you’re no longer feeling even a hint of happiness in what you’re doing, take it as an opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and interests.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing anymore, then stop for a bit. Take a break for a few days or weeks. Explore other avenues and engross yourself in other interests. A dream is a dream because it’s something you enjoy, not something that makes you feel stressed and tired for no reason at all.

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