Seven Foods To Eat Cold

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Foods To Eat Cold

Heating food before consumption is a matter of habit for most people, but sometimes hot food isn’t always the best option. In fact heating certain foods could mean missing out on vital health benefits. A lot of foods actually lose health inducing properties when they are heated. Here are a few suggestions for foods to try eating cold and which your body just may well thank you for in the long run.

Raw Spinach Helps Fight Free Radicals

Raw Spinach Helps Fight Free Radicals

A certain cartoon character who loves Olive Oyl and his spinach may or may not come straight to mind when spinach is mentioned. Whether the effect is slightly exaggerated in Popeye or not, the fact is that spinach is an incredible source goodness that your body will thank you for and raw spinach perhaps even more so.

Raw spinach is generously endowed with vitamin C and potassium. The vitamin C is largely lost when it is cooked thus diminishing the beneficial effect. Raw spinach is also rich in antioxidants which help protect the body from free radicals and all the associated damage they can do. Keep them refrigerated so they retain their goodness for longer.

Your muscles might not burst at the seams, but with all those vitamins and minerals you can be certain that your body is being treated to truly nourishing food when you eat raw spinach.

Raw Celery – A Little Wonder Snack

Raw Celery - A Little Wonder Snack

Celery, aside from having that refreshing crunch factor, is also known to lower your blood pressure due to having an active compound with the not so easy to pronounce name of phthalidedes.

This little green crispy stick helps boost your circulatory health and with only 18 calories per serving, celery is the perfect snack for weight loss. Not only does this healthy snack satisfy that desire for something crunchy between the teeth, making celery the perfect substitute for fatty crisps, but it is also very good at giving you the feeling of satiation.

This is partly due to the fact that it contains so much water, up to 96% in fact, so eating raw celery sticks helps toward proper hydration preventing you from mistaking thirst for hunger, a common cause of weight gain. So next time you crave something crunchy, forget those potato crisps, try a stick of celery instead.

Egg – Can You Eat Them Raw?

Egg - Can You Eat Them Raw?

Despite the bad publicity about uncooked eggs, namely the much hyped risk of salmonella, if they are correctly handled the risks are greatly diminished.

In fact a study carried out in Britain revealed that while a rather worrying 23% of caged hens showed positive for salmonella, only 4% of organic flocks and 6.5% of free range flocks tested positive.

So if the hens are kept in sanitary conditions and have a good life, the risks are significantly lowered. So it’s important to take into account the source when it comes to eggs.

One of the almost miraculous properties of eggs is that they have a near perfect protein efficiency rating and are great for promoting muscle growth and muscle repair perhaps more than other sources of protein. Uncooked eggs leave the proteins and enzymes untouched thus allowing your body to ingest more usable nutrients into the body where they can work their silent wonders.

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Raw Beetroot – Anti Ageing Properties

Raw Beetroot - Anti Ageing Properties

This red vegetable contains powerful antioxidants that are known to slow down the ageing process. Beetroot is perfect when it comes to detoxifying your liver so it can be the ideal solution for those odd occasions when you’ve overindulged.

Beetroot is also good for lowering your blood pressure and may even have a positive impact on your mood. That’s right, beetroot contains betaine which plays a major role in the body’s production of serotonin, the so called happiness hormone and neurotransmitter.

They are also known to be good for the skin, constipation and fevers. According to some sources, beetroot loses up to 25% of their folates when cooked. Folates are especially important in circumstances when cells and tissues are growing, such as in infancy, adolescence, and pregnancy. This acid also works closely alongside vitamin B12 and are good for the production of red blood cells and iron.

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Cold Potatoes

Cold Potatoes

There are no end of ways in which potatoes can be prepared for happy human consumption whether it be baked, fried, roasted and any other way you can think of, but what about eating them cold? Well, when potatoes are heated they are prone to lose valuable nutrients.

In fact when they are heated to high temperatures they may even give off substance that are harmful. On the other hand, the starch in potatoes that have been cooked already but are then allowed to cool, undergo a transformation from from a gelatinised state to a more solid form where the starch tends to stay in the large intestine.

So what? It is believed that while thus situated it will improve regularity. For all the benefits of cold potatoes, you must bear in mind that potatoes are also a source of carbohydrates so if you’re looking at losing weight, make sure you don’t eat an excessive amount

Cold Mushrooms – For Great Skin, Nails And Hair

Cold Mushrooms - For Great Skin, Nails And Hair

Eating mushrooms raw delivers the most nutrients minus the calories. Mushrooms, particularly cold mushrooms, are known as a great choice when it comes to weight loss. This is in part because they are more filling than most other vegetables due to their having a high protein content and also being rich in fibre which has the added benefit of speeding up your digestive system.

It also seems that cold mushrooms make you feel fuller for longer. Mushrooms are also high in vitamin B, iron and zinc all of which contribute to healthy skin, nails and shiny hair. So there are plenty of reasons to make cold mushrooms a part of your diet.

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Chicken is one of the best sources of protein you can get. It is also rich in vitamin B3 which seems to play a key role in keeping the brain in good working order and slowing down age related cognitive decline. There’s also some evidence to show that it protects against Alzheimer’s disease and even some types of cancer.

Being such an excellent source of protein means that chicken plays a significant role in repairing muscle tissues, strengthening hair and bones. Cold chicken (after having been cooked) is good for weight loss purposes too, as it tends to leave your stomach feeling fuller for longer and gives you an extended feeling of being satisfied.

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So next time you’re thinking of healthy eating, consider the health benefits that you may benefit from when eating your food cold. Your body may very well thank you in the long run.

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