5 Easy Tricks On How To Get Rid Of Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Are you into high-intensity workouts or high impact sports?

Are you suffering from shoulder pain for a long time now?

Have you tried several methods but none of them can relieve your pain permanently?

You’re not alone my friend. I also endured the same pain for years. Good thing I was able to try some easy remedies on how to get rid of pain between shoulder blades. In this article, I will share with you some tested and proven tricks to bidding the pain goodbye – permanently.

The Real Cause Of Pain

The Real Cause Of Pain

To have a perpetual solution, we first need to know the root cause of shoulder pain. While most of us tend to ignore this, it is something that merits your attention. In fact, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. According to Very Well, muscles, such as traps, are responsible for keeping your shoulder blades in check. However, inflammation of these muscles can cause shoulder pain. In addition, possible causes of the pain between your shoulder blades include:

  • Muscle Strain – It’s one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. It happens when you have poor posture when standing. Also, excess lifting activities over a long period of time can hurt your shoulders. Stretching and massage can usually relieve the pain caused by strain muscles.
  • Bulging Disc – It’s a degenerative disease that affects the bones in your shoulder area. Generally, people with this condition suffer tingling pain. Sometimes, this condition is also due to your position. Although therapy can mitigate the pain, it cannot offer a perpetual solution.
  • Arthritis – It’s common to elderly people, arthritis can also be the reason why you’re experiencing shoulder pain. Arthritis Foundation categorizes it in several ways. However, collectively, they define arthritis as the pain that results due to reduced cushion in between bones.

How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain?

How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain?

There are several ways to get rid of your shoulder pain either temporarily or permanently. I have tried some techniques and I’m sharing it with you.

Improve Your Posture

According to Posture Direct, the easiest way to relieve the pain on your shoulders is by correcting your posture. Apparently, bad posture results in overloading of some muscles between shoulder blades. It leads to muscle strain and inflammation. As a result, you feel varying degrees of pain. Also, the longer you stay in the same position, the more prone you are to pain. Thus, it’s crucial to correct your posture immediately.

But how exactly can you correct your posture? Let me share with you some tricks that I personally practice:

  • Optimize your workstation – This tip is for office workers and those who stay in front of the computer for extended hours. Be free to adjust the height of your seat to keep your back straight. Furthermore, you may also adjust the angle of your monitor to avoid leaning down.
  • Stand straight – It may sound simple, but some people may find it hard to keep their back straight. You can only say that your body is straight if your ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned. Usually, what I do is to stand behind a rigid wall to ensure that I’m at my optimal posture. Also, walking while balancing a book on the head is a great way of keeping your back straight.

Massage The Painful Area

Massage The Painful Area

A soothing massage on the affected region of your shoulders is also a great technique. Apparently, massaging the area of pain helps release the tension between your shoulder blades. As a result, the muscles become relaxed, and the pain slowly goes away. I suggest you to invest in massage ball with a size similar to that of a lacrosse ball. To get the best results fast, look for the right firmness. Ensure it is not too soft or not too firm just like what Spine Health suggests.


  • Start by placing the ball in the area of your two shoulder blades
  • Next, roll it up and down and move the ball around the affected area
  • Then, move your arms in an up and down motion. It relaxes your shoulder blades more. If you feel any pain, it is normal. In fact, the pain is an indication that what you’re doing is effective. Also, the more pain you feel, the tighter your muscles get. Hence, keep doing it and don’t stop
  • Finally, do this exercise for 3-5 minutes

Although feeling pain while massaging your shoulder blades is normal, you should still listen to your body. If the pain becomes unbearable, you may stop for a while and continue it after a few minutes. For first timers, you may start with two reps of one minute of motion. However, you need to increase the time on the following sessions to get the results soon.

Stretch Your Shoulder Blades

You may be experiencing pain on your shoulders blades due to vigorous activities. Relaxing the affected muscles helps them heal. As a result, you can feel that the pain slowly fades away. Allow me to tell you how I relax my shoulder blades:

  • Initially, you need to clasp the fingers of your both hands together
  • Then, jerk back and hunch the upper portion of your back. Try to make your body as arched as possible
  • Next, push your hands away from your body while you relax your shoulders
  • Finally, hold this position for a minute and repeat three times

Shoulder Aches Solution and Prevention says you need to perform the stretching of your shoulder every morning. However, some people that I know likes to do this before hitting the gym or jogging. Regardless of the time, you can still perform it as long as you’re doing it properly. In my case, I’m doing it every day, and I can attest to its effectiveness.

Stretch Your Chest

Stretch Your Chest

Your chest is just a few inches away from your shoulder. Thus, relaxing and stretching the muscles in this area could help ease the pain. In addition, it’s also a good step in achieving a better posture. Some people tend to ignore their chest muscles since they are not directly affected. However, what they don’t realize is that it is an effective trick to eliminating shoulder pain.

Below are the simplified steps that you can follow to stretch your chest:

  • First, look for any door frame inside your home
  • Second, place your arms on the doorframe creating approximately 145 degrees angle from the side of your body
  • Then, lean your body forward. Your target is to feel that your chest muscles are stretching
  • Next, hold this position for 30 seconds
  • Finally, repeat these steps three times

According to Pilates Online Academy, this exercise is best for people who are doing high impact training. The movements soften the strained muscles thus alleviating the pain.

Make Your Postural Muscles Strong

After you have loosened up your shoulder muscles, the next step is to strengthen them. Having solid postural muscles will not just help you achieve a better posture. It also contributes in getting rid of shoulder pain says Simple Strengthening with Kathryn Merrow. There are two ways of strengthening your postural muscles – wall angle exercise and prone arm rotation.

How To Perform Angle Wall:

  • First, stand with your back positioned against the wall
  • Next, ensure that your back and arms are in contact with the wall throughout your movements
  • Then, raise your arms sidewards while bending your elbow at the same time forming a “W.” This is your starting position
  • Finally, raise both arms above your head forming an “I.” Repeat these steps and do 10 repetitions.

If you want to know how to perform angle wall properly , simply click this link for a simple tutorial video:

How To Perform Prone Arm Rotation:

  • First, look for a small stool that can support your chest when you bend down while kneeling
  • Second, stretch out your hands sidewards
  • Next, squeeze your shoulder blades for the entire duration of the exercise
  • Then, rotate both hands backward while keeping your position the same
  • Repeat for 20-30 times per session

For best results, learn how to perform prone arm rotation properly by watching this video:

Guys, I know how bad a shoulder pain can be; believe me because I’ve been there too. But, you should not allow the pain to slow you down. Try these tips that I shared with you, and I guarantee that having a pain-free shoulder is within reach. However, always seek the advice of your physician before trying any stretching or exercise. If the pain in between your shoulder blades persist, see your doctor immediately. It can be a more serious health condition that you mustn’t delay.

If you have a family or a friend who suffers the same pain, please share this article with them. Also, I encourage you to leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me.

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