10 Amazing Natural Home Remedy For Hair Growth

We all want that shiny, long hair and these commercial hair products don’t seem to do a thing.

It is time you switched to natural home remedy for hair growth. However, hair growth cycles are different among individuals that are also controlled by age.

Hair grows fast in our prime years (teens up to late twenties). Once we get to our 30s, then the growth slows down. It’s due to hormonal imbalances in our bodies and sometimes stress. Therefore, having long hair is a sign of health. Besides, hair defines our mind and body state in relation to health and wellbeing.

This article outlines how you can incorporate easy to find ingredients at home for hair growth.

Egg Mask

Egg Mask

If you have dull hair, this egg mask is what you need. Eggs contain healing properties that include, trace elements like zinc and potassium. These are essential for hair growth. Break two or three eggs, EXCLUDE the yolk. Apply it onto the scalp and hair sparingly. Let it stand for some time (around 20-30 minutes) then wash off with a mild shampoo.

If you look at your hair, it instantly looks shiny and healthy. Use it regularly to boost hair growth. There are many ways to use an egg mask other than the original.

This combination ultimately shoots this remedy deep into the cosmos. If we break down the individual components, you’ll agree.

Honey rejuvenates damaged hair, by preventing water loss and further supplying nutrients to hair follicles. Olive oil promotes hair growth, by regulating a hormone that stunts hair growth. In addition, the antioxidant present neutralizes the scalp, further improving its health.

This combination fights off dandruff, bacteria, and fungi all while maintaining hair growth and a healthy scalp.

Add a teaspoon both of honey and olive oil to the raw egg white. Whisk the mixture into a paste and apply evenly on your hair and scalp. Let it stand for half an hour and rinse off with cold water, and apply shampoo. Then wash off thoroughly. Be ready to be marveled by the difference.

Almond Oil

In ancient Egypt, sweet almond oil was used to promote hair growth. Since it contains vitamin E, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, and phospholipids, it’s without a doubt worth its value. Sweet almond oil in itself promotes hair growth, repairs and strengthens damaged hair. Just remember to dilute it with other oils like olive oil and coconut oil.

Massage your scalp and hair with this oil and leave it for an hour. Then, shampoo it off. Do it 2 or 3 times a week.

Coconut Milk And Grapeseed Oil

Coconut Milk And Grapeseed Oil

This triple thunder will do the magic for you. It’s highly recommended since coconut milk contains manganese, iron, essential fats, and protein. All of these are critical in maintaining proper and healthy hair growth. In addition, they help combat dandruff, hair thinning and loss. On the other hand, grapeseed oil consists of essential vitamin E and minerals that boost hair growth.

Take a quarter cup coconut milk, and 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and mix them thoroughly. Add it to your shampoo, and use regularly.

Prepare to be awed by the difference.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil with its many benefits can be useful for hair growth. Add it to your regular mild shampoo. Just think of it as upgrading your regular shampoo. It’s one of the basic ways you can use tea tree oil for hair growth. It helps treat itchy scalp and prevents dandruff formation. Add just a few drops of it to your regular shampoo.

Shampoo your hair as normal. Use it regularly for better hair and healthy scalp.



Trust me; I was shocked when I heard its regenerative properties in skin health. Garlic blocks hair loss, and in addition, it’s a home remedy for scalp fungus. The allicin present in it is responsible for this growth.

Furthermore, garlic contains the trace element selenium which works together with vitamin E to promote hair growth. It aids in blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn further promotes hair growth.

Boil a handful cloves of garlic, crush them and add a little olive oil. Apply the mix deep into hair roots and shampoo wash. Do it three times a week and notice the change.


Potatoes, yes, it would seem there’s more to it than food and vodka. They are an abundant source of vitamins, and trace elements that are critical to hair growth. Potato juice prevents hair dryness and premature graying of the hair.

Just like the former remedies, mix potato juice with a tbsp. of honey and an egg. Apply it evenly to moistened hair. Let it stand for half an hour and shampoo it off. Do it once a week, and after a month, you’ll be singing its success to your friends.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor seed oil contains vitamin E and other essential oils and also amino acids. Both of these are critical in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair follicles.

If you suffer from or know someone who suffers from scalp psoriasis, recommend them castor seed oil. It is a potent remedy. Just remember to dilute it before use with other oils like olive oil and coconut oil.

Massage your scalp and hair with this oil and leave it for an hour. Then, shampoo it off. Do it 2 or 3 times a week.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice, for years now, has proven its properties right and boosting hair growth is one of them. It is a great source of vitamins, most notably Vitamin C and the B-complex Vitamins. In addition, it contains folic acid and antioxidants; all these make it an ideal home remedy for hair growth and dandruff elimination. Its juice also stimulates scalp blood circulation and further prevents hair loss.

Mix lemon juice with beneficial oil extracts in desired amounts usually in the ratio of 1:2. Apply on scalp and hair. Hold for an hour and shampoo your hair. Do it once a week.


The name sounds funny I know. Native to India, this kitchen spice is used as a tempering agent. Besides, it is a good protein source, thus helps promote hair growth. It also contains lecithin, the same compound found in eggs that strengthens and moisturizes the hair. Fenugreek is also useful against dandruff.

Soak around 2-3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds, and leave overnight. Now it’s easy to mash it to a paste. Apply coconut oil first then cover over with this. Leave on for about 60 minutes and wash off, then shampoo your hair. Do it 3 times a week.



Onions, yes the ones that make you cry can now make your hair happy. It turns out this kitchen staple is more than meets the eye. Onion is a good remedy for hair growth. Although there is nothing we can do about the smell, you need to assess your priorities.

The sulfur in onion is the main ingredient for hair growth. It promotes the formation of collagen, the major protein composite of hair. Grate onions to extract its juice and apply it on your scalp then let it stand, an hour max. Wash afterward with a mild shampoo. Do it once every week.

Always remember, natural treatments for hair growth are the best. Conventional cosmetics will damage your hair by changing its natural composition. Once you stop using it, the hair becomes unbelievably “ugly” for the lack of a better term. It forces you to buy various products over and over again.

Time to ditch them and introduce natural remedies, you’ll be helping your hair grow naturally instead of forcing it to grow in an artificial way. Moreover, you’ll cut down your expenses.


A point to note, what we feed our body has a huge impact on the quality of our hair. Hair is mainly protein, therefore, the body needs nourishment to create strong and color rich hair. Ensure you are following a good diet, eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and berries. Also, avoid exposing your hair to the harshness of the sun, which will cause it to dry. Avoid stressing the hair, with straightening tools that would otherwise damage if not destroy the hair.

Use mild shampoo in your after treatment hair wash.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family. What can you tell us about your home remedy for hair growth? Tell us in the comment sections below.

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