Here’s The Truth You Need To Know: 11 Health Benefits Of Sleep And Physical Activity

A quality diet is not the only thing you need to stay on top of your health.

Studies show that a balance between activity and sleep is key for perfect health. A better sleep in terms of quality and quantity means better memory, more energy, and better body functionality . However, adequate sleep only comes with active lifestyle during the day.

So both are linked, and have many benefits when the right balance is there in first place.

Let us learn about the health benefits of sleep and physical activity.

Health Benefits Of Sleep

Health Benefits Of Sleep

It helps your body in almost every manner. Inadequate sleep can increase the risk of heart stroke, obesity, and breathing disorders. It can also impact memory and compromise performance through the day.

Besides, less sleep can even hinder weight loss even if you are exercising and eating a restricted diet. On the other hand, improving the quality and quantity of sleep can go a long way in improving your health. It significantly improves your quality of life. Here’s how better sleep can be helpful in ensuring a better life.

Better Memory And Learning

It can improve your memory and help you learn faster. Whether it’s a physical skill or a mental capability you are trying to improve on, you can’t do it without sleeping well.

Recent studies suggest a great impact of sleep on learning and memory. Scientists believe that even if you are trying to learn a new skill, the quality, and quantity of sleep can help you retain it. Sleep deprivation leads to poor focus and lesser attention. Thus learning mental skills becomes difficult.

Without sleep, your capacity to learn weakens due to poor memory retention.Sleep time can help reduce the time and effort you need for learning. It’s not yet clear about how exactly it helps retain the information. However, they are very sure about the positive effects it has on the memory.

Link Between Sleep And Appetite

Another great benefit of sound sleep shows up in the form of better appetite. Since it helps enhance body’s function, it leads to better appetite. On the other hand, inadequate sleep means feeling tired during the day. It leads to increased craving for caffeine based drinks. This in turn leads to poor rest time.

Lack of sleep or too much of it can both negatively impact the hunger-related hormones. It can either lead to a lack of appetite resulting in problems or increase in appetite leading to obesity. The study further suggests that getting quality sleep can help balance the appetite and thus help maintain weight.

Mental Health And Sleep

Mind says there’s a strong relationship between better sleep and mental health. Researchers suggest it can reduce the risk of mental disorders like anxiety, and depression. People who sleep better have better resistance against these mental disorders. The researchers further hold that it has a great effect on creativity. It improves by the restructuring of acquired memory. During sleep our neural networks strengthen. It leads to good processing of information and improves creative thinking.

Sleep And Stamina

Around seven hours of sleep during the night can help improve your stamina and strength .It results from the fact that a better night time reduces the chances of getting fatigued during the day. Those who play sports or bodybuilding can especially benefit from the increase of stamina resulting from better sleep.

Low Risk Of Heart Problems

Low Risk Of Heart Problems

It also helps reduce the level of stress to a great extent. You have low chances of high blood pressure and hence lower risk of heart problems. Moreover, better sleep also means good control of cholesterol level. It further impacts the heart health in a positive way. The average duration for a person has decreased to 2 hours per night in last 50 years. It led to a significant increase in the cardiovascular problems over the years.

Fight Against Cancer

Studies show that people who rest well are at a much lower risk of cancer. In contrast, less than 6 hours of sleep puts you at a higher risk of breast and colon cancer. People who stay awake at night have lower levels of melatonin hormone. It leads to a great risk of developing tumors. Just as it regulates the secretion of many other hormones, it also deals with melatonin. So, it helps lower the risk of cancer.

Health Benefits You Need To Know

Just as proper sleep enhances the mental and physical health, adequate exercise is also essential for good health. Most health problems today stem from our increasingly inactive lifestyle. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym or lifting heavy weights. Maintaining a reasonably active and mobile lifestyle is all you need at the minimum. It may simply mean using stairs instead of elevators or parking a few blocks away and walking your way to the office. Let’s see how active lifestyle can help improve your health.

Weight Control Is A Cinch

Weight Control Is A Cinch

Activity along with good diet and enough sleep is imperative for losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. CDC suggests 150 minutes moderate and 75 minutes intense workout per week for maintaining a healthy weight. Moreover, if you want to lose weight, you can go for longer periods of more intense activity.

Low Risk Of Diabetes

People with a routine of high activity are at a low risk of diabetes. Besides keeping diabetes at bay, it can also help control blood sugar level for those suffering from it. It helps regulate the insulin hormone which in turn helps keep the blood glucose in good range.

Better Endurance And Strength

It also has a great effect on the overall strength and helps your bones and muscles. Thus, it improves your performance by keeping you active throughout the day. It also improves your stamina. Besides, people who are more active are at a lesser risk of developing arthritis. Moreover, a healthy weight along with proper diet can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis. So it helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of arthritis. In addition, 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 days a week ensures that you keep your blood sugar in a tolerable range. Exercise boosts your energy level and makes you more enthusiastic. It also improves your stamina and makes you feel strong.

Improves Your Mood

Improves Your Mood

Besides, it helps with the release of certain hormones that control your mood. It ensures you feel better and happier. Not only does an outdoor walk for half an hour improves your mood and self-confidence. Exercise greatly increases the energy level, and you start feeling better about yourself. Usually after five minutes of moderate activity, you feel an improvement in your mood. As a result, you would feel good about yourself. It’s the best way to feel fresh while it keeps your body fit and strong.

Aids In Better Sleep

Above all, it can help improve your sleep quality as well as quantity. It can help you cope with insomnia and make sure you rest better and for long hours. Hence, you can reap all the above benefits of sleep.

Improves Sexual Health

Studies show that people with higher level of activity are at low risk of having sexual disorder. In comparison, active ladies have fewer problems with arousal. Similarly,active men are at lower risks of erectile dysfunction and can enjoy better intimacy. You can have a happy and well satisfied sex life by staying active at least five days a week.


Better sleep and enough activity are imperative for better health as they complement each other. You can sleep better if you are active and vice-versa. The puzzle of a healthy life has three pieces: better sleep, good diet, and proper activity. So remember you cannot miss one of these pieces if you want to improve your quality of life. Moreover, you need to strike a balance between both. Too much of one and too little of the other can be detrimental for your health. In short, It’s all about having all three components and striking a balance between them.

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