10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Clove Oil You Need To Know

Clove oil packs all of the nature’s goodness you can think of, and it’s also a stimulant. The health benefits of clove oil cannot be debunked, and they are as original as Mother Nature.

It treats a wide array of issues ranging from indigestion to stress. Do you suffer from a cough or asthma or frequent headaches? Clove oil will relieve these issues. If your doctor has diagnosed you with blood impurities, then this oil is the answer. Most notably, it’s also good due to the benefits it accrues on dental health.

This oil comes from the flowers of the clove tree, which is an evergreen tree. It was used extensively in ancient India and China, from there it spread its wonders all over the world. Clove is rich in micronutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and C. It also contains hydrochloric acid.

Clove oil imbues us with the following benefits:

Back-Off Infections

Back-Off Infections

The antiseptic property of this oil is excellent for cuts, bruises, and wounds to clean the area and prevent fungal infections. In addition, it treats various skin ailments like scabies, prickly heat among others. Besides, it relieves insect bites and stings. It is highly potent and must only be used in the dilute form. Although individuals with sensitive skin should refrain from using this oil.

The Best Dental Care

Its germicidal and anti-inflammatory property, makes it ideal for use in mouth and dental care to relieve tooth sensitivity, sore gums, toothache, and sore ulcers. It contains eugenol, a common compound in most dental practices. In addition, it can be added to gurgling water to soothe throat pain and kill bad breath. Going out on a date, anyone?

Clove oil is effective against cavities as documented in ancient Indian. I implore you to add it to your regular mouthwash and toothpaste and see the difference after a few days, no more cavities. However, use it carefully to avoid burns.

Take Skin Care To The Next Level

Coming second to tea tree oil in skin care, clove oil is best for those suffering from acne. No wonder, it’s present in many anti-aging creams as an active ingredient. It soothes the skin, giving you a smooth skin that’s healthy. Besides, it stimulates blood flow to the skin.

Boosts Immune System

Clove oil and its parent, clove plant is useful to boost the immune system. It can purify blood removing toxins and acts as an antibody against virus attacks. It increases your power in fending off the attacks. It’s possible due to the antioxidant and antiviral properties of this oil. Moreover, it removes free radicals that damage the DNA leading to cancer and heart disease.

Get Relief – Cure Stress

Furthermore, clove oil serves as a stress reliever. It stimulates the mind, vibrating it to a level of calmness and relaxation, removing mental anxiety and exhaustion. Moreover, it stimulates brain function. It’s also beneficial to folks suffering from insomnia, as it aids in tuning the brain to sleep.

Clove oil treats memory loss, depression, and anxiety. I highly recommend it to those suffering from bipolar disorders.



Are you suffering from one-sided, constant gong of a headache? Apply this oil mixed in salt water to the forehead, and stand by for relief. All this without taking painkillers. It contains flavonoids that work well.

Do you hate how your joints and muscles are sore after a workout? Then clove oil is the answer, apply for relief and it eases the tension in muscles. It also prevents swelling when there is internal trauma.

Respiratory Problems

Clove oil can clear nasal issues and unblocks sinuses. Cold and other problems like asthma can decrease by using this oil. It gives a cooling effect coupled with its unique property.

Chewing a clove bud soothes sore throats. It is still in effect today where most sore-throat tablets contain this oil.


Just like headaches, mix this oil with sesame oil to get quick relief.



Traditionally clove oil gives relief from indigestion and stomach ailments like flatulence, motion sickness, and hiccups.

The acidic gasses that lead to acid reflux can also be relieved by it. It’s why clove is a healthy spice added in many Indian cuisines. Next time, don’t complain about the spicy food, it is good for you when you have it in moderation.


When it’s about expectant mothers, it gives relief from morning sickness and discomfort. Long-term inhalation will work positively for you.

Blood Circulation

The stimulating property of clove oil increases blood flow in the body. It directly impacts body’s metabolism and reduces body temperature. Moreover, increase in circulation results in lowering of blood vessels tension, which is the major culprit for headaches. Furthermore, an increase in circulation means the organs are happy and healthy as they receive oxygen rich blood. Thus, increasing their effectiveness in doing natural tasks.

Purifies Blood

Clove oil contains aromatic compounds that help to purify blood. It also stimulates antioxidation throughout the body flushing out toxins for elimination via the liver and kidneys. As a result, it also boosts the immune system by purifying the immune cells and platelets.

Premature Ejaculation

New research hints of clove oil having components that can treat premature ejaculation. However, it takes the time to confirm this hypothesis.



Besides purifying blood, it controls blood sugar levels making it useful in managing type II diabetes. The phenolic concentration found in this oil is responsible for this effect. So don’t complain about the spicy food.

Insect Repellent

Dilute clove oil when using on the skin and use it on beds to repel bugs. The insects are sensitive to clove oil vapor. It’s also present in scented candles for aromatic and other purposes as well.


Cosmetic industries use clove oil extensively. Besides, it is a good massaging oil,, providing relief and relieves you from tension.

Flavoring Agent

Besides improving digestion and preventing gastric problems, you can use clove oil as a flavoring agent. It is rich in flavor that is unique and is commonly in use in various Indian cuisines.



Due to its antiseptic nature, soothing effect coupled with its powerful aroma, it’s useful for making scented soaps. If you read on the box, you most likely will find clove oil in there.


Due to its unique and sweet smelling aroma, perfumes contain clove oil in them. Smelling this oil is beneficial to the sinuses and respiratory tract. Hence, it’s good to seek out clove scented perfumes.

Cancer Treatment

People have taken on the theory that clove oil can be used to treat cancer. However, the American Cancer Society has shunned this idea by implying there is no evidence to back it up. But anything is possible, just like in the premature ejaculation case. It is also rumored to treat viral hepatitis.



Clove oil, just like tea tree oil, easily blends well with other essential oils. You can also use it in other herbal combinations.

Any Risks With Clove Oil Use?

It is extremely potent even in small doses. Therefore, it is essential that you dilute the oil before use by carefully using the sets of instructions available. Some people have also reported being allergic to the main ingredient eugenol, although it is uncommon.

Intestinal discomfort is common in children who use this product and in worst case scenario, liver and kidney failure. Also, diabetics should take precautions when using this oil to ensure blood sugar levels do not reach critical low levels. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also avoid the use of this product, as it can pass through breast milk.

Finally, it is best to consult a doctor before using it.


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