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Waterbed Heater To Keep You Warm In A Cold Night

The modern waterbed usually has some kind of heating built into it. Typically, a waterbed heater is a very flat and […]

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Seven Health Benefits Of Having Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed

The health benefits of having a Sleep Number adjustable bed are many and the following article highlights seven of them. […]

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Is Your Old Mattress Ready To Be Replaced? Here’s How To Know When

January is mattress shopping season. Even in December, furniture stores and mattress specialty shops start to advertise their latest sales. […]

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Finding Your Perfect Mattress According To An Expert’s Advice

The perfect mattress isn’t necessarily the most expensive mattress. It’s also probably not the mattress that your rich uncle shows […]

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Better Sleep In May: Improving Senior Health Care

Elected “Better Sleep Month” by the Better Sleep Council, this May is the official month to improve all areas of […]

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The Right Air Mattress Pump: A Complete Buying Guide

Air mattresses are a type of sleeping pad that some campers prefer than sleeping mats. Also known as air bed, […]

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What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain? Medical Professionals Speak Out!

If you suffer from back pain, as 85 percent of Americans do, you would want to ask what the best […]

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Unable To Sleep At Night This Is How To Sleep Well

Sleep is an absolute necessity for our health and well being, yet, research shows many people do not sleep well […]

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An Easy Zen Bedroom Makeover

For aficionados of “Zen” style with bare bank accounts, the dream of achieving a truly Zen bedroom is often, well, […]