About Me

Hi all, I’m Jake Tyler, over the past decade I’ve been working strong on my personal fitness levels. From the age of 16, I have been a kickboxer, and I’ve built up an incredible passion for fitness & self-improvement. This experience has led me to a career in personal training and health & fitness.

It’s About You – Start Transforming Your Body Now

I have a wealth of health & fitness and self-improvement knowledge and World class kickboxing experience. I’ve created this website for YOU to guide with the best tips in achieving your health & fitness goals. This website is not just about me, but it’s about YOU and for YOU. It’s here where you can know pro tips and techniques to achieve your dreams of staying fit and strong as you progress.

Most people give up after starting a fitness program due to lack of knowledge of what they’re doing in the first place. Exercise & Nutrition are now common and often boring words as they’ve been thrown at us for over six decades. But very rarely do you hear the best tools out there and the right methods to shape your body and stay fit. As a pro fitness expert, I’m here to change that―I publish well-researched articles (no boring stuff) to help you reach your new goals and change the way you feel and look.

Make Fitness An Obsession

Stop procrastinating. You can start your fitness journey right from here by making well-informed choices and learning the right ways to exercise, eat the best foods, and more. I’ll show you the way; you take the initiative to take that first step forward to get fit & maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you all, I look forward to helping you change the way you look & feel.

Jake Tyler